WPC Outdoor Flooring Made by Professional Produce Group


Wood-plastic composite outdoor floors are a new high-tech floor, there is absolutely no professional manufacturing team, people are not high-quality WPC outdoor flooring. WPC outdoor floors made by a professional production team and the WPC outdoor flooring made by a regular factory have an evident gap.
From the professional production team of wood-plastic outdoor flooring, the dish will have fresh wooden flavor; ordinary factory wooden plastic floor without smell and some plates may even emit the smell of plastic burning. This is because the professional creative team made from wood-plastic blend outdoor flooring on the raw materials have almost harsh requirements, only use 80 mesh poplar wooden powder and very thick polyethylene plastic.
The high-quality wooden plastic composite floor of the core texture of uniform, the color has evident consistency; ordinary wooden plastic composite floor key will be significantly split, and the distribution is not neat, and even the floor cross-section can see the size of different particles. This is because the professional wood-plastic composite outdoor floor production team will strictly control the production of every detail, the equipment debugging, and however, the ability to increase the equipment according to actual results. Ordinary manufacturing plant equipment, the longer the effect the worse. Specialist manufacturing team equipment, with the passage of time, will increasingly adjust to the production process, and occasionally might also invent new technology and new use patents.
By the professional manufacturing team made of wood-plastic composite outdoor floors, in front of the update speed, coordinating different needs of the product optional models, the ability to modify the results of the product. Grasp the core technology, so you can modify the formula according to customer needs to achieve custom-made services. The wood-plastic blend outdoor flooring created by a professional manufacturing team signifies a greater ability to adjust to the outdoor environment throughout the world, symbolizing a greater room for development. COOWIN is the good manufacturing team, WPC outdoor flooring made by COOWIN recommend you to have a go.