Manufacturing Base

COOWIN manufacture base is a comprehensive base that concentrate R&D, production and supporting service.
Now, having been awarded the certification from International certification authority such as ISO9001, SGS, CE, FSC, COOWIN own standardized production and quality testing process and high standard Quality Management System.
material mixing, pelleting, extruding, cooling molding, post-processing, length fixing, packing.
Manufacture base send technicians abroad to study every year. Learning foreign advance production and manufacture technology. Bringing the experience back and lead the scientific research team to continue innovating, producing better product to serve people.
WPC material has a certain mechanical strength. It is also waterproof, anti- corrosion and mould- proof. In general, production of wpc material can be divided intothe follwing steps: raw material mixing, elleting, extruding, cooling molding, post-processing, length fxing, packing.
The COOWIN headquarters base has R&D department, purchasing department, raw material quality inspection department, wood plastic particle production department, wood plastic sheet production department, post processing department, quality inspection department, finished product packaging department, delivery department, etc. The departments work together to ensure that products are delivered to customers on time and in good quality.