Wood plastic composite products in packaging


Pallets are connected mats for placing goods. They can be divided into wood, plastic, metal, etc. according to different user requirements and manufacturing materials. Pallets are widely used in the storage and transportation of various goods. Especially in the modern logistics industry, as the number of goods increases, batches of goods must use pallets during the handling process.

COOWIN GROUP;Composite Decking

Originally, wooden pallets were widely used due to their light texture and ease of processing. However, there are also many problems with wooden pallets: wood flooring is prone to moisture and mold, cannot be washed, has a short service life, and consumes a large number of forest resources. The plastic tray is expensive due to the influence of the production mold, the structure is poor in adaptability, and the repairability after the damage is low.
In this case, wood plastic composite pallets began to appear and quickly opened the market. Compared with wooden pallets, wood plastic composite pallets has good integrity, hygiene, and cleanliness, and waste pallet materials can be recycled.