Wood-plastic composite material: a wide range of environmentally friendly materials


Wood plastic composite materials are made of waste plastics and wood flour (such as wood chips, bamboo flour, rice husks, straw stalks, etc.), mixed in a certain proportion and added with special additives. A new type of composite material made by high temperature, extrusion, molding, and other processes. Its excellent performance, a wide range of uses, environmental protection, and broad development prospects are worthy of intensive research and development.

At present, wood-plastic composite materials have the following advantages:
(1) Easy to process. The wood-plastic composite material contains polyester and fiber. Therefore, it has similar processing properties to wood. It can be sawed, nailed, or planed. This can be done using woodworking tools. And the nail holding force is obviously better than other synthetic materials;
(2) High strength and good durability. Wood-plastic composite materials have a better elastic modulus. In addition. Because it contains wood fiber and cured by resin. Therefore, it has physical-mechanical properties equivalent to hardwood, such as compression and impact resistance, and its durability is significantly better than ordinary wood materials;
(3) Water resistance and corrosion resistance. Wood-plastic materials and their products are resistant to strong acids and alkalis. Water resistance and corrosion resistance. And do not reproduce bacteria. Not easily moth-eaten. Does not grow fungus;
(4) Strong adjustability. By adding different additives, polyester can undergo polymerization, foaming, curing, modification, and other changes. Thereby changing the density, strength, and other characteristics of wood-plastic materials. Meet the special requirements of anti-aging, anti-static, flame retardant, etc.;
(5) A wide range of raw materials. In addition to using a certain amount of additives, wood-plastic materials. More than 95% of the raw materials are polyester and wood fiber. It has a wide range of sources and low prices.