Wood Plastic Composite Anti Acid Hollow Decking


Wood-plastic composite hollow deck acid, corrosion resistance, resistance to decomposition, resistance to degradation, henceforth no longer worry about the erosion of acidic gas and acid solution. Global acidic soil cover area occupies a land area of more than 45%, while the neutral soil was less than 18%, the first two hundred years of industrial development caused a lot of local pollution, acid distribution further proliferation.

Wood-plastic composite acid hollow deck, at present only a wood plastic floor for research and development of resistance to acid. The product improved density values to the greatest extent, make the structure more compact, reduce permeability space. The hollow design makes the acid wood plastic deck to further improve ventilation and drainage. In order to fight against acid erosion, we use engineering plastics and co-extrusion technology as it produced a unique acid shell layer. Not only coated on the surface of the hollow pipe also was enshrouded, really no dead Angle of protection(Of course, The protection of the cross-sections need the package layer). Shell has to add neutralizing agents so that we can more clearly realize the acid effect. Experiments show that a wood-plastic composite acid hollow deck can be soaked in an acid solution to keep stable performance.

Wood-plastic composite acid hollow deck, applicable to all of the acidic soil coverage area and industrial pollution control, can resist natural evaporation in the soil to the greatest extent of acid gas and acid rain damage. The occurrence of the acid wood plastic deck by the owners of the wet area and hilly area.In many industrial pollution control of acid rain, our wood plastic composite acid hollow deck and municipal departments in many countries to achieve the cooperation.