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composite decking


Every kind of product has an extraordinary soul, and every kind of process contains the spirit of craftsmanship.

The story of COOWIN began in a small factory 22 years ago. As one of the earliest wood-plastic factories in northern China, the founder, Mr. Leo, invested a lot of money and energy in introducing formulas and technologies from the US. Then, this small factory has grown step by step to become one of the most well-known wood-plastic enterprises in China.

At present, COOWIN’s self-developed formula has obtained national patents, and each raw material has strict physical and chemical indicators; the production equipment specially designed for COOWIN has been put into use.

Main Composition Information

Item(s) Description(s) Content
Wood fiber 80 mesh white poplar wood fiber 50%
Plastic particle High quality HDPE plastic resin 38%
Additives 1) Light stabilizer
2) Anti-UV additive
3) Anti-Aging additive
4) Coupling Agents
5) Color pigment


As a product for outdoor use, COOWIN has high requirements for product performance. In addition to meeting the basic needs of most of the world, COOWIN’s R&D department has developed special wood-plastic products for extreme weather such as extreme temperatures, high humidity and strong corrosiveness to meet the needs of special application. [About R&D]

Physical and Chemical Properties

Item(s) Test Result(s) Test Method(s)
Density 1.33g/cm3 ASTM D792-00
Moisture Content 0.2% ASTM D7031-11 Section 5.15
ASTM D4442-16 Method B
Screw withdrawal test 3353N ASTM D7032-17 Section 5.5
ASTM D1761-12
Impact Resistance >133J ASTM D4495-16
Specific Gravity 1.31 ASTM D7031-11 Section 5.14
ASTM D792-13 Method A
Shore Hardness D/70/1 ASTM D2240-15
Mouldproof level 0[1] ASTM G 21-15
Formaldehyde Emission 0.02ppm[2] ASTM D6007 -14
Soluble heavy metal ND[3] ASTM F963- 16(Clause 8.3)
Fire-Proof Level Bf1 EN ISO 9239-1:2010
EN ISO 11925-2:2010+AC:2011
[1] Mold rating standard: 0 — No mildew or discoloration on the surface [2] 1 ppm = 1 mg/kg = 0.0001% [3] ND = Not detected ( < Method detection limit )


Always satisfying the ever-changing needs of our customers is COOWIN's commitment to products.

3D Wood Grain, Capped Decking, Mix Art Color System.....Not only does it provide a high level of quality assurance, but new products and technology are constantly being developed that make COOWIN always at the forefront of the market.