Why Choose Coowin



Although there are hundreds of product mould that are able to satisfy most of customers’ demand, COOWIN still support the differentiation requirement and can customize product.
1. COOWIN support to customize the shape of product
2. COOWIN support to customize the length of product
3. COOWIN support to customize the color of product
4. COOWIN support to customize the surface texture of product

Design and R&D

COOWIN own independent design and R&D department. COOWIN deeply realized that only by keep innovating and advance with the times, will be a company able to continue develop and produce more perfect product. To do this, since year 2000, COOWIN invest huge sums of money every year to bring along talents and advanced equipment to establish R&D team, set down the research plan, continue to test and innovate, aim at producing excellent product and serve people.

Quality Control

Raw material, pelleting, extrusion, post processing, in every such aspect of production process, COOWIN professional inspector will always sample and inspect to ensure production going smoothly and product be qualified. COOWIN has gotten certification from ISO9001, all the purchase.

COOWIN Service

Senior product consultants answer any of your question about product.
We support to consult issue about product with senior product consultants by email, chetting app or phone call.

Production Schedule Real-Time Feedback

The schedule of your order will keep updating to you, let everything in your control. If there is anything you want to know about production, you can just ask your salesconsultant. They will contact the production department and feedback the first time, ensure the quality and quantity goods be delivery within the stipulated time.

Rendering Design

COOWIN have senior design team, they are good at deigning the effect picture according to your product or project for your customer's reference.

Installation Instruction

Installation instruction includes document edition and video edition.

You can just ask your business consultant for document edition by email or chatting app.Or you can also login in COOWIN offcial YouTube website and watch thevideo edition online: