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Who makes outdoor black composite decking boards?

Thursday, April 28, 2022

COOWIN’s outdoor black composite decking is an enigma. There are a thousand Hamlets in a thousand people’s eyes. Some people said it’s bold and brave and beautiful. At the same time, some other personal think it’s the coolest composite decking. Choose the black color outdoor composite decking, gives you a solid, more understated look.

Why choose black composite decking?

If you just want something a little different for your garden or balcony. Then black color as a backdrop to other contrasting colors really works as a unique expression of your individuality. Black composite decking can make a bold statement that will make your garden the talk of the town.

black composite deck boards

Depending on your overall theme, you can use white and neutrals to highlight your black composite deck. Or use bright contrasting colors to boldly set off the black theme of your outdoor deck.

Now, we would like to show the black composite decking color looking. What will it look like? Trying to picture what a stark choice like charcoal will look like in your garden is not easy. Next, we offer you some options so you can re-imagine your space on a gorgeous, inviting outdoor black composite deck.

To give your black color deck a truly contemporary twist. Why not pair it with our antique or teak range, accentuating design features. Picture framing is a popular option, as a means of highlighting your deck.
You could use the lighter natural stone shades of antique to bring warmth and depth to the dark tones of black color. Talk to the experts at COOWIN or read our design guide for more tips on how to really make your decking pop!

More details about black composite decking

Black WPC decking boards

Black WPC decking is one of our popular styles. Compared to traditional wood, we added black to the decking manufacturing process. It can make the deck like traditional woodcutting, grinding at the same time can retain its original color. And it does not need to paint color, and little to no maintenance is required.

We can make different colors of WPC decking

Black composite decking boards are made of natural wood fiber and environmental polymer and are extruded by thermoplastic high pressure. In addition to black, we can make different colors of WPC decking according to your requirements. The wood fiber inside the WPC decking can achieve the natural wood grain effect. While the added polymer greatly improves the stability and durability.

Two surface options

In order to meet different usage requirements. COOWIN’s black composite decking boards are available in solid and hollow internal structure designs. The surface uses two kinds of surface treatment. One side is the groove anti-slip treatment, one side is the flat surface, can freely choose one side to install. In the later stage, you only need to wash with soap and water once in a while to keep the deck clean. Learn more about black composite decking boards to click on our product page or contact us directly.


Is your WPC material waterproof?

COOWIN WPC has excellent moisture resistance, however, it should be noted that COOWIN WPC is not designed to “live in moisture”, which will eventually cause swelling and affect physical properties.

Does your product get hot or burnt under the sun?

COOWIN composite has a similar surface temperature to the timber of similar colors and finishes. On a hot day with a blazing sun, nearly any surface will get uncomfortably hot or burnt to the touch, such as concrete, pressure-treated wood, or beach sand. On such days individuals are encouraged to cool surfaces with water or wear appropriate footwear.

Will your composite product warp?

No. COOWIN composite product will not warp provided it is used and fixed in accordance with our installation instructions.

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