Social Responsibility

Environmental Protection - Logging

Generally speaking, the life of wood plastic material is 3-5 times of solid wood. Wood-plastic materials can greatly reduce the number of replacement times of materials in engineering projects, and greatly reduce the human resources and waste of resources. Since the content of wood powder in wood-plastic materials is only 30% to 40% of the total composition, it can save more than half of the resources compared with the solid wood, thus reducing the consumption rate of forest resources.

In the processing of solid wood, there will be a lot of waste in the wood itself. Wood - made raw material wood powder can be used for processing, so that the loss rate of wood resources is almost zero.

Environment-friendly carbon emission

At present, the global use of wood outdoor building materials is very high, and real wood will have carbon emission problems, and a large amount of carbon emissions will greatly affect the natural environment and temperature climate. COOWIN implement the popularity of wood-plastics helps to reduce the carbon footprint of real wood, COOWIN wood plastic also have carbon emissions, but minimal emissions, small to the international SGS inspection company cannot detect COOWIN wood-plastics carbon emissions.

Environmental protection - factory emissions

COOWIN wood plastic factory, independent research and development design environmental protection system, effectively reduce the dust emissions from XXX to XXX, as well as advanced waste water purification device, the COOWIN environmental protection consciousness as well as technical innovation, for it is second to none in the world at present.

Health - Gas

Outdoor decorative building materials are mainly used in household, commercial and other places. In the resident environment, it is necessary to carefully consider whether the materials used can have a negative effect on the human body. COOWIN wood plastic, let people not worry about paint, surface burr, libido (in the production of anticorrosive wood, most will be soaked in the listerine, and ensure that it will not decompose in a short time.) Such concerns do not have a negative effect on the human body.

Public Benefit - Priority for Poor People

An enterprise should not only responsible to meet the demand of the market, also should undertake certain social responsibility, in any area of life poor people, we will provide them with the labor post, let them regain the self-worth, out of poverty.


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