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What you need to know about Deck Patio Ideas

Friday, December 03, 2021

If you have a two-tiered deck, you don’t want to mess it up with gardening tools if you don’t want to, but you also don’t want to waste this outdoor space. Then you can make the most of the space below your deck patio with an attractive deck with a canopy. This can double your outdoor entertaining space.

With enough height space, you can add an under-deck drainage system and ceiling system to create a dry space for outdoor dining or just relaxing with a good book and some coffee.

Before installing the deck, you can install the top system on top of the joists. This will ensure that moisture does not build up under the deck or inside the joists and cause rot. This is true whether you are using a wood deck or composite material, as most substructures are made of wood.

For inspiration for your next home improvement on your backyard deck, we offer some outdoor deck design ideas.

Outdoor dining

With a good dining table and chairs on your deck design, you can always dine outdoors without worrying about rain interfering with your outdoor living. If you want to do a larger remodel, you can install an outdoor kitchen or grill. This way you can enjoy a more convenient outdoor dining life.

wood beams | natural beauty

Watch the big game

Your double-deck provides great protection for your outdoor TV. The TV won’t get caught in the wind or rain, while the screen is more easily seen. Invite friends over to watch the big game, day or night. Add comfortable furniture to make your outdoor deck feel more like a living room.

The beautiful outdoor living space to relax

Whether you need to cool off in the sun or set up a cool picnic space for family and friends. Your double-deck provides the perfect retreat for a perfect outdoor area.

More storage space

With a perfect drainage system in place, you can build deck storage space with confidence. For every home, more storage space is a must. For a fraction of the cost of building a garage or food pantry, you can use the space under your second story deck to add outdoor storage space.

More Play Space

Under-deck space is perfect for a children’s playroom or hideaway. Invest in some waterproof toy storage and include child-sized seating. You can let your kids play in your yard without having to send them outside to play.

Design your own spa

Enclose your under-deck area in a screened-in porch and install a hot tub to create an outdoor spa you can enjoy whenever you want. Even if you don’t leave home, you can still experience the perfect bathing experience.

Build a reading space

Add a hammock or swing under the deck for more enjoyment while reading books.

Adding a fitness space

With a protected space, you can create a home gym in the outdoor oasis. Add a treadmill or other fitness equipment. Working out outdoors is more enjoyable, isn’t it?

Curate a crafting place

Love crafting? Create your own creative space with a table, chairs, and storage for sculpting, painting, or other crafting activities.

Make a pet space

Under the deck patio is a shady spot for dog beds, toys, and other decorations to make life enjoyable for your pup while you’re outdoors. Even if you have an existing deck and can’t add a drainage system, you can still create a cool place for your pet.

covered patio | stone patio

How can I make my outdoor deck look beautiful?

You can enhance your backyard patio space with unique bricks. If you have a slope near your deck, install a retaining wall to keep mud and dirt from seeping into your floor. Add a landscaping design to make the transition look more natural and beautiful.

Erect a pergola over the patio walkway to become an entry point into your garden. Installing a fire pit nearby will allow you to enjoy your outdoor deck even after the temperature drops.

If you install an under-deck ceiling system, you may also want to add lighting and ceiling fans. In addition, incorporate recessed lighting into the deck ceiling and deck perimeter. It adds to the aesthetics of your outdoor living space while still providing illumination.

What is the cheapest deck patio to the building?

When it comes to building a new outdoor deck, you have a variety of options. The least expensive decks are low-maintenance gravel, such as pea gravel. A DIY beginner can install this on their own. The downside is that the surface is uneven, making it difficult to prevent gravel from spilling onto the lawn and to clear away the pesky weeds that get in.

The next cheapest material is concrete, and you’ll probably need a professional to install it. Concrete pavers can be beautiful, and you can make them more interesting by stamping various designs and colors on the concrete. Be careful to put in the proper slope, as drainage can be a serious problem for concrete patio ideas.

Concrete pavers can be beautiful, and because they are placed individually, they provide good drainage. However, they are usually a little more expensive than poured concrete and can be very heavy to move from one location to another, especially in large quantities.

Is decking cheaper than paving?

There are several factors to consider when comparing the cost of paving a deck to poured concrete, and there are pros and cons to weigh. In general, paving a deck patio is more expensive, but decking will add more value to your home. When you sell your home, the average return on investment for decking is 76% compared to interior home improvements and installing a deck.

Plan the outdoor living area of your dreams as you consider all of your composite decking design options. Gather design ideas and create an inspiration board. Then, start remodeling and enjoying your multi-level deck.

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