What Width Are Decking Boards? | Composite Decking Sizes


If you are planning to build a deck to decorate your home yard for the first time, you need to know some basic elements of your composite decking. The width of the decking board can go first. Yep, you need to do some preparation work before designing how to layout your decking board in your yard.

Here are some ideas helping you make the right choice on deciding what sizes of the composite decking you are looking for. Thinking about how to install the composite decking in your home yard during your wood decking building project.

Various sizes of the composite decking are provided in COOWIN®, with wide options you can make. Composite decking widths basically range from 100mm to 200mm, of course, you can choose the right composite decking width you want. We also support that you can order the composite decking product with your own width.
Here is the width column in the following:
Width and length are included in this table.


composite decking size chart

composite decking size chart ( length and width)


You can make the right decision according to this table above.
It is believed that you can choose the best composite decking width to match your yard framing with the conference provided. You can leave some spare space to lay the composite decking sheet following some normal changes of the environmental elements. Heat temperature can make composite decking expand a little and cold temperature can make composite decking contract a little. So it is important to leave extra space to lay the composite decking edges properly.

What’s more, if you want to have the creative design, you need to spend much more time to make a planning of composite decking project building. The wider, the better. The width of the decking timber is not the thing limiting your building inspiration.

You can cut the composite decking into shaped blocks to create your dream deck, with the motor sawing. It’s also easy to operate, following the instruction step by step, you will get the shape you need to finish your ideal deck flooring.

Before the installation, it’s basically essential to estimate your whole yard landscape to plan the composite decking layout. It is also important to decide how many composite decking you need for your project. Measurement ahead of time is a great way to achieve the effect you want. You can get enough space to plan your big project.

Choosing the right width of the composite decking is really a big task, too narrow or too wide? You need to adjust the layout from time to time if you find something goes in the wrong way, especially you ignore the composite decking width matters. It’s better to draw a rough draft to decide how to put your composite decking foundation.

Here are no right answers or wrong answers. Practice can tell you which one is better for you. The key point is that you can get more images and more ideas to support your composite decking project. So why not have a try now?