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What is the difference between deck, patio, and porch?

Monday, December 13, 2021

Whether you are buying a home that needs renovating, adding new outdoor space, or renovating an older home, it is important to understand the basics of outdoor living spaces. Understanding the difference between a porch, deck and patio can be more effective in helping you determine what you need and save more time and money on remodeling your home.

While decks, patio, and porches can come in many styles and styles and come in all shapes and sizes. However, an outdoor deck is usually a raised off-ground platform, while a patio is a ground-level living space. A porch is a covered structure adjacent to the house. We will then go into more detail about the differences between these three. Which will help you to better understand these different structures.

What is the difference between a deck, a patio, and a porch?

Decks, patio, and terraces each have their own unique advantages. For the best outdoor living space. Let’s take a look at the differences between a porch, a deck, and a patio. So you can choose the perfect type of space for your lifestyle.

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What is an outdoor deck?

A deck is an off-ground platform built on top of the ground. The height of an outdoor deck can range from a few inches above the ground to a height high enough to warrant even an entrance staircase to the deck. When an outdoor deck is more than 3 feet above the ground. And the building code requires a deck railing system to be in place to ensure the safety of the user.

Decks can be built in the front, back or side yard of a home, or they can be built around the house. Of course, they can also be freestanding structures that are not attached to the house. Whether they are attached to your home or not, decks are often considered an addition to the home to enhance the value of the home, rather than a central part of the home’s architecture or design.

Material choices for building decks

Pressure-treated timber is the most common material used for outdoor decking and this material is inexpensive and will be available at your local building shop. A few people may choose concrete or metal framing systems to build their decks. With the use and promotion of composite materials. More and more people and builders are turning to more durable composite decking.

Benefits of decking

Decks usually have better visibility space than a patio. Which is determined by the height of the deck above the ground. However, there are usually requirements for deck height. Building permission is often required to create new decks and it is important to inspect and maintain the deck structure to ensure it is safe.

Unlike a patio, an outdoor deck can be built even if the ground is uneven. Decks do not require flat space and deck frames can be built on a variety of uneven surfaces.

Composite decks require more time and money for the initial investment than a patio. But they also offer a greater financial return. Homes with decks usually have a higher resale value than homes with patios.

What is a patio?

A patio is an outdoor seating area on the ground floor that you can design in any shape or layout. A backyard patio, like a deck, can be covered or uncovered, attached to the house, or freestanding. And made of basically any flooring and landscaping material imaginable.

What is a patio made of?

You can build a patio from a variety of materials, including wooden floor tiles, bricks, or concrete. Again, composite decking is becoming more popular because it is more durable and low maintenance. Examples include Trex composite decking or COOWIN composite decking with installation grids for easy installation and longevity.

Benefits of Patio

Retaining the patio at ground level tends to exchange the spectacular views from the deck for a more private living space, especially in a fenced yard.

A patio is a cost-effective outdoor gathering space that usually does not require a building permit – although you will need to check with your city, county, or municipality to ensure you are in an unobstructed position before starting the project.

While decks don’t need railings, you can upgrade your deck with a screen system, railings, or privacy walls. Interesting fact: If a deck is surrounded by walls, consider it a patio.

What is a porch?

Deck porches are covered structures attached to the house, usually located in the front or back door area. A porch can also be open-air, with columns supporting the corners. Porches are also converted into enclosed spaces with screens or glass.

Unlike patio and decks, porches are part of the architecture of the house. Often, they share a roof with the rest of the house, rather than being added separately.

Depending on the layout of the house, a porch can be flush with the ground like a patio or raised above the ground like a deck.

Benefits of porches

As an extension of the roof, a porch provides good protection from the elements such as sun and rain. If the porch is enclosed with a material such as glass, it can also keep insects such as mosquitoes out.

A porch is closer to the indoor living space than a deck or patio, and it provides a definite sense of privacy. It allows you to enjoy your own private space with greater confidence.

Topped with a rain guard, the porch also opens up space for more outdoor furniture. You could even furnish an outdoor kitchen here.

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