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What is a composite cladding board?

Friday, March 18, 2022

As a substitute for traditional wood wall panels. Composite cladding board is the most popular wall panel decoration material in modern society. Composite cladding board has gradually replaced natural wood and plywood and is accepted by more and more people. Then someone might have questions. What is a composite cladding board? Why do people choose composite cladding boards?

What is a composite cladding board?

The full name of the composite cladding board is wood-plastic composite wall cladding. Referred to as WPC wall cladding, it can also call composite exterior cladding. It is based on wood fiber, mixed with thermoplastic polymer material (HDPE) and other additives. Then it is a new high-tech environmentally friendly material that is heated and extruded by mold equipment.

Composite cladding board has the properties and characteristics of both wood and plastic, providing both the style and texture of wood products and the durability of plastic products. At the same time, its durability is far better than wood products.

composite exterior cladding | WPC wall panel

Compared with plywood, composite wall cladding has a higher density and internal strength. At the same time, the composite exterior cladding is a 100% recyclable and environmentally friendly material. Completely free of formaldehyde, which is healthy and safe.

Advantage of the composite cladding board

Here are some features of composite exterior cladding, which can make you better understand it.

High-quality physical properties

WPC wall cladding not only has a certain hardness. But also has the advantages of anti-skid, wear-resistant, non-cracking, corrosion-resistant, insulation, and heat insulation.

100% termite-proof and waterproof

The composite cladding board is 100% termite-proof and waterproof. It is a durable product, The service life is often several times that of ordinary wood products.


Composite cladding is not easy to corrode and has strong resistance to coastal climate, seawater, and seawater borers.


It does not contain formaldehyde, lead, methanol, urea, and other dangerous chemicals. Composite cladding board is a safe and healthy decoration material.

And it does not contains VOC and will not release formaldehyde. Which is very beneficial to the health of your family, especially the elderly and children.

Low maintenance

The complete maintenance of composite wood cladding does not need to improve its service life by means of painting and dyeing. It only needs simple daily cleaning.

But it does not mean that it can pollute it at will, some oil stains, stains, and careless dyeing need to be cleaned to ensure the service life of composite wall panels.

Easy to cut

Composite cladding board is as easy to cut as ordinary wood during decoration, and it is hard to crack during cutting. When it is produced, it can make into different shapes and sizes according to your requirements. At the same time, it can bring a very textured appearance and fine polishing through processing.

High fireproof performance

Composite timber wall cladding is a flame retardant material. It is a polymer-based product, which is self-extinguishing and will not catch fire when in contact with the fire source. Therefore, a composite wall panel is a better choice when you select panels for fire-prone areas.

Ultraviolet protection

composite facade cladding also has a certain resistance to sunlight. You can use a WPC wall panel in sunlight, and it will not deteriorate in sunlight, polish it after a certain time interval. And it will remain new and firm for several years.

Application of composite cladding board

Because of these excellent features, composite cladding materials have developed rapidly in recent years. And they are found in many places in our daily life:

1. In indoor applications, composite wall panels can use for modular kitchen, wall panels, bathroom cabinets, door, railings/ceilings installation solutions, etc.

2. In outdoor applications, the composite material can be used for exterior wall cladding, garden furniture, park benches and fences, prefabricated houses, other external applications, outdoor deck floors, etc.

3. Advertising WPC material can use for signboard, display board, direct digital printing, booth, and graphics.

4. Car interior trim panel, Cruise interior trim panel, and deck are also very good choices.

Composite cladding samples

As the best composite cladding manufacturers, we have more than 20 years of manufacturing experience. We have a professional service team that can answer any questions you have. In addition, we can also provide you with free samples. Give you a better understanding of composite timber wall cladding. What are you waiting for? Please contact us quickly!

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