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What are the disadvantages of composite decking?

November 29, 2022

In recent years, with the continuous improvement of people’s demand for outdoor quality decoration, composite decking is a popular choice. Composite decking is also known as WPC decking with wood powder and HDPE as the main raw materials. Produced by an extrusion process, it is a very environmentally friendly new outdoor decoration material. Composite decking has many advantages. It is waterproof, insect-resistant, rigid, and looks natural. WPC decking also requires less maintenance than traditional wood decking, and, due to its many good features, WPC decking boards have a longer lifespan. So, are there any disadvantages to wood composite decking? Is it really worth buying?

Here, we will discuss the pros and cons of WPC decking, so you can use this article to determine if WPC decking is the best choice for your backyard.

Advantages of Composite Decking

Composite decks are becoming more and more popular now. Composite decking has many advantages. We can list a lot of facts to prove how good this decking board is. Because they have lower maintenance costs than traditional timber decking, no annual painting maintenance is required, and the color of composite decking is determined during the production process, which is the color of the WPC decking board itself. And WPC decking is resistant to rot, insects and weathering, making it the best durable choice. Note that wood plastic composites are 100% recyclable and you can choose to build them in a variety of colors and styles.


Disadvantages of Composite Decking

Seeing the above praise for composite decking, composite decking seems to be a good choice. In fact, when it comes to the shortcomings of composite decking, it is often caused by some low-quality products, wrong installation methods, and improper use.

Composite decking has higher requirements for installation

Unlike stone, wood, etc., the installation of composite decking often needs to follow more operational specifications. For example, decking must be installed in a location with good ventilation and drainage. Moreover, before installing the decking, a suitable keel or frame must be installed first, and the spacing of each support point must be determined according to the instructions. There must also be sufficient expansion joints where the two decking boards are joined. The above requirements are only a very small part. COOWIN strongly recommends that you refer to the installation guide in detail to avoid problems such as decking bending and warping caused by improper installation.

Composite decking may cause damage

Compared with wood, composite decking has lower toughness, but it can fully satisfy long-term use. However, some poor-quality brands use inferior plastics and unreasonable formulas to produce products that will make composite decking more brittle and fragile, making it difficult to withstand long-term use. Remember, it is very important to choose a high-quality decking brand. COOWIN’s composite decking adopts a patented formula that maximizes the advantages of wood-plastic materials. Long-term use will not cause cracking problems, and it provides a warranty period of more than 20 years, eliminating your worries

WPC decking will fade

First of all, you need to understand that any material will fade over time, and this is not a disadvantage of wood-plastic materials. In addition, the color of composite decking will gradually become problematic within 2 months. This is what we call the color stabilization period. After that, the decking color will not change significantly.

Capped composite decking may cause static electricity problems

In order to enhance the performance of the decking, the capped composite decking has a protective shell of polymer material.

To prevent static electricity, you can use grounding straps. A ground strap is a metal strap that you attach to the decking structure and then to ground to avoid static buildup. Another way to reduce static is to use an anti-static spray. You can find it at most electronics stores, and it works by reducing the static charge in the air. Simply spraying your deck with an anti-static simple spray will help keep it from becoming static.

Composite decking is moldy or moth-eaten?

Generally speaking, composite decking will not be moldy or moth-eaten. If mold is formed on composite decking. Can cause the deck to look dirty and unattractive. Also, it can cause decking damage and can even be harmful to your health. Some low-quality composite decking, due to the use of wrong formula and improper production methods, the wood fiber is not evenly wrapped in HDPE, resulting in clumping. This low-quality decking product is easy to mold or attract moths. The raw materials of COOWIN’s OOWIN are also different from other brands, and it adopts the industry’s advanced composite decking production technology, which perfectly wraps the wood fiber and distributes it evenly in the composite decking, so it will not get moldy even in a humid environment.

How to prevent defects in Composite Decking

Choose composite decking products of well-known brands

The choice of Decking products is often more important than the care in use. COOWIN is a relatively well-known composite decking manufacturer in the industry, with a standardized production line and complete production research and development, quality inspection process and quality assurance regulations. The theoretical service life of COOWIN’s decking products is more than 20 years, and it has good applicability for terraces, courtyards, squares, and plank roads, whether they are large-scale public projects or private areas. The perfect quality assurance system eliminates your worries.

Correct installation

Please install composite decking in a well-ventilated and well-ventilated environment, and avoid using wooden frames that lack effective protection. Damage caused by moisture is an important cause of composite decking. If the decking is not properly sealed, it can be damaged by moisture and weather. Water damage can cause decks to warp, crack or split. Please read carefully and strictly follow the installation steps provided in the installation guide and the precautions for decking installation. For most brands, product damage caused by failure to follow the installation guide may invalidate the warranty or reduce the scope of compensation for replacement.

Proper use and maintenance

Note that all materials are subject to degradation over time to the end of their useful life. Fortunately, COOWIN’s high-quality decking has been used outdoors for more than 15 years, and has received wide recognition and good feedback from users all over the world. COOWIN provides enough professional floor maintenance guides, so that you only need to spend a little time to enjoy the improvement of the quality of life brought to you by wood plastic composite decking for a long time. Unlike timber decking, wood-plastic decking does not require frequent painting and maintenance every year, which saves a lot of manpower and money. When dirt and water spots appear, composite decking only needs a little neutral detergent, with a soft cleaning cloth and a suitable The high-pressure water gun can make the decking look brand new. Even though wood-plastic decking has good environmental adaptability, it is still recommended that you check regularly to see if there are some common defects mentioned above, and we are happy to answer your questions.

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