Wear-resistant WPC outdoor decking floor


For many people, if you want to buy a wear-resistant WPC outdoor decking floor, wood-plastic decking is often the first choice for everyone. In the eyes of many people, the reason for this choice is because the material is very cost-effective and the experience is very prominent. But the advantages of its solid wood decking are many, in addition to these well-recognized content. Excellent environmental performance and excellent processability are also the keys to its popularity. For example, many people will wonder why many companies have advertised that their wood-plastic decking is completely free of formaldehyde.

The process leads to the absence of formaldehyde
In general, wood decking manufacturers rarely say this because wooden decking requires the use of adhesives during the production process. Even if we use the best quality adhesives, we can’t avoid the presence of formaldehyde. The reason why wood-plastic decking can be said to be free of formaldehyde is that it is actually polymerized together by resin. In this process, no adhesive is used from beginning to end, and naturally, no formaldehyde is present. It is a purely natural processing method.

Highly environmentally friendly
Everyone recognizes that wood-plastic decking is very environmentally friendly when used, except that formaldehyde is not used in the production process, and because it is environmentally friendly in all aspects, it does not produce any toxic gases or liquids. The use is completely reassuring. Moreover, compared with the wooden decking, the detachability of the wood-plastic decking is very good, and a piece of the decking has a problem, which can be completely removed and replaced separately, and does not need to be adjusted as a whole. Therefore, in the long run, wood-plastic decking is more economical for raw materials.