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Composite Wall Panel Installation Case in Korea

Tuesday, November 30, 2021

The composite wall panel is the leading building material used in building decoration. And COOWIN is also a leading manufacturer and supplier of well-designed, high-quality wall panels. But before we get to these items, we need to introduce you to composite wall panels. Which are building materials used as an alternative to traditional wood and steel. This new material is much lighter than both natural wood and steel. Composite wall panels are usually composed of wood and recycled plastic. They are widely used in a variety of industries for exterior walls, interior structures, or roof construction. The need for traditional wood panels is greatly reduced.

Installation Case in Korea

Composite wall panels are a more favorable choice for a variety of buildings. This is because it has many advantages that natural wood or steel does not have.

Just like this composite wall cladding Installation Case in Korea. Wall paneling is also a beautiful and graceful construction building material used for house renovation and decoration.

Advantages of Composite Wall Panel

Excellent Insulation Capability

This new material can help insulate a homeowner from heat or cold due to the material it is made of. Composite wall panels can withstand extreme weather conditions. And make living conditions more comfortable. However, different temperatures can affect the performance of composite wall panels. It is important to choose the right composite wall cladding for the environment you live in and understand its advantages and disadvantages. And it is also very effective in isolating all kinds of noise.

Easy to install

Composite wall panels are very light, so they are easy to install and transport. This is why many people have started to choose composite wall panels. Unlike natural wood and steel, it does not require very complicated installation steps. These wall panels are able to provide similar levels of strength as traditional steel structures. But with a significant weight reduction.

exterior WPC wall panel

Easy Maintenance

Composite wall panels do not require a lot of post-maintenance. Because of the non-porous outer layer, cleaning can be done very easily. And unlike traditional wood, composite wall panels require little maintenance on your part. Therefore, it can be said that there is almost no need to spend some maintenance costs on composite wall cladding.

Fire Resistant

While the benefits of some common composite wall panels are obvious. But there are serious risks associated with using these composite wall panels. They can actually pose a serious fire hazard. This risk is even greater in factories. Many factories use plain composite wall panels in the same building to save money. And although it is cheaper, you may end up paying more for maintenance and insurance because of the increased risk. However, COOWIN composite wall cladding is effective against fire and it has a good fire rating. All COOWIN composite wall panels are made of non-combustible materials.


Durability is one of its main advantages. Because of the recycled plastic content, composite wall panels do not rot or crack easily. It is also resistant to the extremes of natural weather and mold. It can be used by homeowners in all climates and regions. The composite wall panel is extremely durable, and it is a better quality option that saves homeowners more time and money.


Just as composite decking has become more popular in recent years, composite wall panel is now becoming more popular as a good wall panel. These durable materials are available in a wide variety of colors and finishes that can be freely chosen. They can be adapted to various architectural styles and environments. Like this example of composite wall cladding installation in Korea. Wall panels are also a good building material. It is used for house decoration and decorative aesthetics.

COOWIN wall panel system provides delicate composite wall panels. With excellent durability and a variety of color finishes. What’s more, COOWIN composite wall panels have special features. Such as sound absorption, fire protection, and safety and security. Based on its wide market share in the domestic market, COOWIN composite wall panels can be exported to many countries, including Korea.

outdoor composite wall cladding

COOWIN composite wall panels also offer high strength and durability. And it is designed for both conventional and modular construction. All components of composite wall panels are manufactured to high standards and the best quality. There is a wide range of wall panels with different colors, textures, and patterns. COOWIN composite wall panels play an important role in interior and exterior decoration.

COOWIN can be customized to meet the design needs of companies and individuals. While being able to provide longer-lasting protection and after-sales service. We are known for our excellent service and commitment to professional quality. We offer high-quality materials that are able to ensure that our client’s expectations are met and exceeded.

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