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TW-02 Composite Decking Installation for Kindergarten

Thursday, December 02, 2021

As technology has evolved, composite deck material has become a very popular choice. For a long time, traditional wood has been the building material of choice, but it doesn’t last very long. It also requires regular maintenance, sanding, painting, and staining. Which are time-consuming and labor-intensive.

As a result, more and more homeowners and installers are adopting more durable and long-lasting composite decking. Especially in educational settings such as kindergartens, schools, and playgrounds.

COOWIN Composite Decking

COOWIN TW-02 composite decking is one of the popular patterns, with 150mm width and 25mm thickness. Two different surfaces are provided, a tiny grooved surface and a big grooved surface. Colors are provided according to the requirement of clients.

TW-02 composite decking blends natural wood fibers and high-density polyethylene. Providing a more durable, low-maintenance, and environmentally friendly option for building materials. The material uses recycled plastic, which reduces the need for materials and environmental impact.

Kindergartens, as areas where children learn and play. Need safer and more durable building materials, and decking that is easy to clean. The texture of the TW-02 deck surface reduces the risk of slips and falls.

Composite decking also provides a more comfortable path for children without the risk of wood spurs or rough surfaces often found in traditional decking. risk of wood spurs or rough surfaces often found in traditional decking.

composite decking board materials

Advantages of Choosing Composite Decking

But why choose composite decking for these areas and what are the unique advantages of composite decking? We’ll tell you more about them next.

More safety

Safety is a key consideration in nursery construction. Composite decking, a more durable material, is made of a mixture of wood fibers and plastic. Therefore it is softer than traditional wood or ceramic flooring and will not hurt children even if they fall.

More importantly, the composite decking board has a non-slip texture on the surface, making the deck not so smooth. Children will not easily fall when chasing and running.

In addition, composite decking has a protective layer, so it will not crack as easily as traditional wood decking. Some of the common problems of wood splinters and rot also do not appear on composite decking.

Maintenance Free

The maintenance-free nature of composite decking is also one of its major advantages. Unlike natural wood, you don’t need to do a lot of post-maintenance on the deck. The only thing you need to do is to clean and sweep the composite decking regularly.

Composite decking is very easy to clean, using a hose and a common cleaner will keep the deck clean and tidy all year round. This is very convenient for area use.


For a long time composite decking boards do not need to be painted or stained, so it is very healthy and safe. The use of traditional wood requires regular painting, and the harmful substances in the paint can be harmful to children. In addition, composite decking is made from a mixture of natural wood fibers, recycled plastic, and adhesives.

Therefore, it does not contain any harsh chemicals so you can use it with confidence. Formaldehyde and other toxic substances that are harmful to health are also not a concern at all.

outdoor living space


Another benefit of composite decking is its eco-friendliness. TW-02 is made from recyclable materials and is manufactured with minimal use of harmful chemicals.

This makes it a sustainable and environmentally conscious choice for kindergartens and other educational institutions. The health and safety of children is paramount.

Longer life

Typically, traditional wood lasts about 10 years and requires regular deck maintenance as you use it. But choosing composite decking can last much longer, with an average lifespan of about 25 years.

This means that you won’t need to replace your deck for a long period of time. If you choose some high-quality materials, the deck can even last more than 30 years.


Overall, the COOWINcomposite decking installation case in the nursery was perfect. It shows that composite decking can provide a more beautiful, safe area that is also healthier.

As installers’ demand for outdoor spaces grows. Composite decking has become the preferred solution.

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