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TW-02 Composite Decking Installation for Kindergarten

Thursday, December 02, 2021

Wood composite decking, known as WPC decking, is recognized to be the most popular outdoor building material. Which can use in the building field. Of course, it can decorate the atrium of kindergarten.

COOWIN TW-02 composite decking is one of the popular patterns, with 150mm width and 25mm thickness. Two different surfaces are provided, a tiny grooved surface and a big grooved surface. Colors are provided according to the requirement of clients.

composite decking board materials

Kindergarten is the place for children to learn and have fun, composite decking is safer and cleaner compared with the traditional cement or ceramic floor. Composite decking building material is the best building material for kindergarten decoration. Here are the reasons why composite materials are the first choice to create the floor for kindergarten:

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Safety is the first important issue taken into consideration for kindergarten decoration. Composite decking is much softer than the traditional cement or ceramic floor. The texture of the composite board can’t hurt children easily. What’s more, the surface of the composite board is not slippery, children can’t fall on the ground while running or chasing.

outdoor living space

The WPC decking has non-slip features protecting children away from unwanted harm while running fast.


Composite decking has no need to paint or coated during its long shelf life. So it’s healthy for children.

Composite materials are made of a mixture of natural wood fiber powder, recycled plastic material extra substance, and other chemical additives. Wood-plastic composite decking won’t release toxic substances like formaldehyde which is harmful to health.


Composite materials can use for up to 20 years without high maintenance. In another word, You don’t need to do a lot of work on the maintenance process. Only easy cleaning with regular cleaner can keep it clean and tidy all year round.
In summary, choosing the right building material for creating high-qualified flooring for kindergarten is important to maintain a healthy and safe standard.

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