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TW-02 Composite Decking for Seaside Beach in Kuwait

December 02, 2021

COOWIN composite decking is made by the mixture mixed with wood fiber powder. And Recycled HDPE plastic materials (extracted from recycled plastic bottles, boxes…). And other chemical additives that are extruded from the machine with high pressure and temperature.

COOWIN composite decking has wood fiber powder. So it has the anti-UV feature.

composite decking of seaside

This is the case of the composite decking installation on the beach near the seaside in Kuwait. So It’s easy to install the composite decking on the sandy ground. Keep in mind that keep the ground flat and broad for posting the composite decking freely. 

The temperature surrounding the seaside will make an impact on the life span of the composite materials. COOWIN composite materials have the character of high resistance to moisture and termites. The color of the WPC decking can’t fade even though exposed to the rain and sun all year round. The solid WPC decking has high strength which can’t be cracked or destroyed by the outer damage.

waterproof composite decking materials

What’s more, campsite decking is an environmentally-friendly building material, without any need for painting or gluing the working process. So It is a perfect choice to use the composite board to replace traditional wood decking. Reducing white pollution is an emergency for us to take into action. It means for us to improve our living environment to be greener and cleaner. 

Overall, WPC decking installation can highlight the beauty of the coastal scenic spot and improve people’s lives with its high quality and natural material.

Why not choose it from today on? 

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