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TS-03 Composite Decking Installation Case in Thailand

Wednesday, December 01, 2021

COOWIN composite decking to export to many countries, widely used in many places. Such as an example of a composite decking installation case on the beach in Thailand. Composite decking has a large range of applications, such as garden pathways, houses backyards, squares, and so on.

Many people enjoy traveling to the seaside and admiring the beauty of the sea. This example picture shows the beauty created by the luxury wood grain composite decking.

COOWIN composite material is made from 50% wood fiber, 38% plastic HDPE and 12% chemical additives, extruded under high pressure.

Therefore, COOWIN composite decking has a natural look and wood grain and also offers a variety of benefits such as corrosion, mildness, insect, and UV resistance.

In conclusion, composite decking can keep itself in place all year round and avoid harmful substances. After that, composite decking can combine various functions to create an elegant surface that matches its surroundings. Adorning a private home is a truly remarkable option, and those living there can enjoy the natural beauty of the product.

Here are three highlights of the composite decking:

Natural Inspiration

Composite decking is made with natural inspiration, making a good balance between people and nature. As well all known that composite decking is made of mixed particles of wood fiber powder, recycled plastic material, and other chemical additives, which is a revolutionary product in the building material field.

Creational Material

In other words, the application of composite decking can improve the building material’s physical characteristics to create well-knit and durable building material. The raw material can extract from recyclable plastic waste, which is a good method to decrease the waste of resources. The application of recycled plastic can reduce using natural wood, which is meaningful and helpful to protect the environment.

Many types to choose

In conclusion, composite decking can create with different patterns with different colors, as the functional building material. The installation of the composite decking can be flexible, you can cut the composite decking blocks into different shapes to build the floor.

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