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Top 9 Cheap Composite Decking in 2023

May 16, 2022

Description: What are Cheap Composite Decking designs? Here is the list of the 9 best composite deckings from China you can try.

What is Composite Decking?

Cheap Composite Decking is a type of decking that is made from multiple layers of wood, plastic, or other materials. It is usually good to use for exterior applications, such as decks and patios.

Composite decking is easy to install in a variety of ways depending on the design and the location where it will be installed. One common installation method is to use screws to hold the boards together.

It can be good to use in many different applications, including decks, patios, pools, playgrounds, and walks.

Three Main Categories of Composite Decking

  1. 3D Wood Grain series
  2. Capped Composite series
  3. Concise Groove series

3D Wood Grain

Wood grain is a pattern that comes from the growth rings of trees. It is also called the wood’s rings, as it is easy to see in different types of wood. This 3D wood grain technology uses a scanning process to create a high-resolution 3D model of the tree’s growth rings.

This model can then be good to use to print out a 3D wood grain design that will have the same pattern as the original tree but in three dimensions. 3D Wood Grain uses are endless and it extends beyond just furniture and home decor items, like games, jewelry, and even food!

affordable composite decking

Hollow Composite Decking TS-02

  • Made with 100% FSC-certified materials.
  • High surface resistance and groove design.
  • 100% made in China, so you know exactly where your product is coming from.
  • Low price makes our product the best choice for everyone.

Hollow Cheap Composite Decking TS-03

  • TS-03‘ is high quality and environmentally friendly wind power generator. Made entirely from wood and plastic, TS-03 offers a sustainable energy solution that takes modern consumers’ needs into account.
  • This product is highly demanded in various countries around the world, due to its lifelike design, lightweight, and portability.
  • The product comes with a variety of safety certificates that prove your product is safe for both material and product use.

Hollow Composite Decking TS-04

  • Grooved surface to help provide a non-slip grip and contribute to a smoother, more comfortable ride.
  • Smooth finish that looks just as good as it feels: no visible seams, no sharp edges, and easy to clean.
  • Barefoot-friendly design that’s soft and comfortable for feet.
  • The soft, elegant surface is richly textured, grooved, and water-resistant.
  • Barefoot-friendly, slip-resistant, and easy to clean.
  • 50% extremely eco-friendly wood fiber.

Capped Composite Decking

Capped composite decking is a type of composite material that has been developed to have high strength, low weight, and low cost. Similarly, capped composite is good to use in aircraft, automobiles, and the aerospace industry.

Cheap Composite Decking can also be good to use in construction and other industries that require high-strength materials. Capped composite can be good to use to make more durable bridges and buildings as it has higher strength than steel or concrete. The material also has increased corrosion resistance.

Hollow Composite Decking CO-02

  • Made with 50% wood fiber, 38% HDPE, and 12% additives
  • 10-15 days delivery time for one container
  • 400 containers per year production capacity
  • CE, FSC, and SGS certificates with a sectional view of 150

Solid Capped Composite Decking 3D Wood Grain CO-03

  • Wood Plastic Composite (WPC) is a versatile material that combines the strength of wood with the beauty and elegance of plastic.
  • The ingredient ratio of wood fiber, HDPE, and additives is 50%/38%/12%, making it a durable yet lightweight solution.
  • This standard length is perfect for many applications, whether you need it for decks or stairs.
Solid composite decking

Composite Cladding 3D Wood Grain CO-09

  • Lightweight, durable, and highly versatile. Amazingly beautiful and unique design. Several different shapes and sizes suit any space.
  • In a sea of competitors, SGS offers the best value for money in terms of quality, environmental protection, manufacturing standards, and delivery time.
  • Softwood with a perfect finish.
  • Slight sheen and color variation due to the manufacturing process.
  • Made of high-density polyethylene (HDPE) and additives, which is a generic term for all types of additives in plastics, including fillers, stabilizers, pigments, and dyes.

Concise Groove

We provide a concise groove with high-quality coextrusion fabric, with strong scratch resistance, and mildew resistance. Waterproof, anti-fading characteristics Coextrusion fabrics come of two different materials that are woven together. Coextrusion fabrics are strong, super flexible, and have high scratch resistance. Cheap Composite Decking also has excellent water resistance and anti-fading properties.

Solid Composite Decking CD-01   

  • Made from 100% FSC-certified wood that’s safe, eco-friendly, and sustainable.
  • Get a hundred percent assurance of quality with our certificates.
  • Establish a production capacity of 400 containers in a year.
  • Crafted with precise engineering & careful attention to detail, ensuring every piece is aesthetically pleasing and durable.
  • Made from FSC and CNAS certified materials in leading industry standards with a guarantee of delivery within 10-15 days.
  • User-friendly layout with a 140m production capacity and 400 containers per year.

Hollow Composite Decking TW-K01

  • Durable material with a beautiful and natural look
  • Sustainable, eco-friendly resources were good to use to create
  • Groove and sanded surfaces give it a unique touch
  • FSC is certified for using environmentally friendly materials and production process
  • The perfect balance of style and durability. Smooth surface that looks great in any setting.

Solid Composite Wood Decking TW-K03

  • Has a sleek, contemporary design with a wood-plastic composite surface
  • The grooved pattern on the surface helps maintain grip even when wet
  • The material is 100% recyclable and made with 50% wood fiber, 38% HDPE, and 12% additives
  • Offers 10-15 days of waiting time for delivery since it’s only available in one container at a time
Solid Composite Wood Decking

What are composite decks and how their composition affects properties?

Properties of floorings depending on the composition

Cheap Composite Decking is produced using various polyester resins. Depending on the raw materials good to use, the properties of the finished product change.

  • Orthophthalic resin gives the flooring durability, and the ability to maintain its original characteristics over a wide temperature range, but with low chemical resistance.
  • Isophthalic resin imparts similar durability and heat resistance while improving chemical resistance to medium.
  • Vinyl ester resin significantly increases the chemical resistance of the material.

Phenolic resin gives the finished product the highest chemical resistance, increases operating temperatures to a range of -60 to +180 degrees Celsius, and also provides low smoke generation.

Benefits of Cheap Composite Decking

Lattice floorings made of composite materials acquire the following advantages:

  • the ability to withstand environmental influences – they do not grow moldy, fungi do not multiply on them, and there is no corrosion;
  • the load is distributed evenly over the entire flooring;
  • high mechanical strength at low weight;
  • ability to resist deformations;
  • no electrical conductivity;
  • preservation of color under the sun – they do not fade from ultraviolet radiation;
  • simple quick installation;
  • color variety;
  • Ability to serve for 40 years.

The result of these advantages was another advantage – a wide range of applications. Cheap Composite Decking is good to use as a replacement for expanded metal in any industry.  They are good to use in sewage treatment plants and the organization of engineering systems. Such floorings are suitable for the arrangement of urban infrastructure, agricultural enterprises, in road construction.

garden decking

Mounting methods

Since the manufacturing process for the production of composite deck flooring is a monolithic method, the resulting material is easy to cut in any way without loss of strength. Cutting is possible with a circular saw or an angle grinder with a cutting disc.

The cut floorings are laid on supports and fixed with fasteners. The width of the support is taken such that it corresponds to the thickness of the flooring. The type of support depends on the place of use – for example, in the chemical industry; parts of everything are made of stainless steel.

The popularity of composite decking is steadily growing not only due to its useful properties and versatility but also due to its affordable price.

composite wood decking

Problems with low-quality composite decks

There is misinformation about wood-polymer composite decking. Composite decking companies pay huge sums of money to convince unsuspecting people. Their products, unlike natural wood, are safe, reliable, and of good quality. But all this is far from the truth, and most likely it is a half-truth.

Cheap Composite Decking is much better, more environmentally friendly, and will last longer. On the other hand, this material may turn out to be exactly the opposite: of inferior quality, not ecological, which will lead to headaches for you and your family.

If you need proof, you should look up composite decking reviews on the internet. Check out the polls. What are the problems? What are the negative reviews?

In other words, our aim is to buy cheap composite decking. But be sure to pick a quality composite decking manufacturer so that you can get a high-quality composite product at a lower price.

composite garden decking

Why do terrace decks have all these problems?

Let’s see what material the low-grade board is made of: plastic and wood flour. Sure, the plastic good to use for the joints is recycled, but in the process of recycling, the plastic becomes weakened. 

Pay attention to this. How can a composite board be reliable if the properties of the plastic reduce to withstand such phenomena as the sun, rain, snow, hail, or extremely high temperature and humidity? Also due to the wood fibers present in the board, it is extremely porous. Therefore, the decking is saturated with water extremely quickly. This sponge effect leads to the appearance of mold, fungus, and rot.

outdoor decking projects

Composite decking is cheaper than hardwood decking

Finally, the final point that many people like to mention is that composite decking is cheaper than hardwood decking. This is not entirely true.

When you start looking, you will very quickly realize that composite decking companies are hilariously convinced that their products are environmentally friendly. Therefore they are satisfied that the prices are higher. 

As a result, you can start building with wood decking, which is slightly cheaper than composite decking, without any problems or headaches down the road. Fortunately, the above facts will help you make an easy decision about the choice of material for your future decking. 

swimming pool deck

Will the deck be made of natural wood?

I saw beautiful decks in natural wood, in ipe and Riga. Both are dense woods, of good quality and durability, but of course, they are expensive and are subject to the common problems of all wood.

The most common and well-known problems with natural wood are:

  • It is always subject to degradation and wear;
  • Too much water can cause it to rot;
  • Other factors such as fungi, humidity, and UV rays also harm wood;
  • Deformations, splinters, and cracks are common, which sometimes lead to minor injuries;

Still, the factor that mattered most to us and that many people ignore:

Natural wood is a scarce natural resource. We must use it carefully and when possible, use viable alternatives for its replacement.

To conclude: We did not choose the wooden deck for reasons of resistance, price, and above all, the environment itself!

Will it be the ceramic deck?

A ceramic deck is a good option for those who do not want a material that harms the environment. It also has good resistance and is practically immune to weather conditions, even extreme ones.

I only found two “cons” to consider:

Level base = longer installation: To install a ceramic deck, you need to have a base or slab (floor) very well leveled and preferably already paved. This means that before you can apply the ceramic decking, you have to level the floor or get a mason to do the work. Don’t forget about the water flow.

Higher cost: If a slab and someone is needed to make it, the cost increases. If the cost goes up…

Will it be the composite deck?

The wood composite deck is a mixture of wood fibers, PVC, and propylene, which are agglomerated with a polymer to produce a material of high strength and durability. Because it comes with more than 50% recycled material, it also helps to protect and clean the environment.  

Main differentiating features of the composite deck:

  • It has high resistance to weather elements and UV rays;
  • It is resistant to fungi and insects;
  • Moreover, it is water-resistant and therefore can be good to use next to swimming pools, because it does not rot;
  • Unlike wood, it does not splinter or present irregularities capable of causing injuries;
  • It is non-slip (unlike many ceramic floors which are highly dangerous);
  • Easy to apply and maintain;
composite decking light

My reasons for choosing Cheap Composite Decking

By now, you must have realized that my option ended up being to build composite deck flooring.  My choice is related to the points already described above and 4 more specific ones:  

My 3 reasons:

  • I need a material that is very resistant to atmospheric conditions. I live in a region where temperatures can easily reach 35 to 38ºC in the summer and -5ºC in the winter, in addition to being very humid and with precipitation higher than the Portuguese average;
  • At the time I didn’t have a very high budget and I chose the material that presented me with the best compromise between quality and price ;
  • I have small children and so deck-type floors that are more prone to skidding or with irregularities (eg splinters or knots) were out of the question. 

The installation of Cheap Composite Decking was easy and I just needed to level the installation site, put a geothermal blanket, and spread cement powder on top. After that, the deck boards sit directly on top, and no need for joints or bolting.

At the time, I thought about writing more about it but then I decided to wait and offer a more informed opinion about the behavior of the deck and I was even very curious to know how it would fare in the humid climate of the region where I live.

The truth is that I like the choice of material and installation I made!

Still, now that a good few months have passed since the installation, I realize that I ended up regretting something that I hope to fix soon:

Should have considered buying some closing covers for the sides. These covers are very useful for 2 reasons:

  • They close these holes and prevent the garbage from accumulating or even some animals from getting inside;
  • They strengthen the structural rigidity of the installation and prevent the composite from breaking at those ends that are more exposed to tamping and other mechanical actions.

Anyway, I can say that in general, I’m very happy with my deck. It didn’t suffer any visible changes (it didn’t warp and didn’t crack except for some points on the side edge as I explained above) and in normal use, it shows good non-slip characteristics and easy cleaning. May it continue like this for many good years!!!

Composite wood decking is the ideal solution for outdoor floors subjected to mechanical wear, climatic wear, or critical conditions in general.

The characteristics of composite wood

Composite wood decking for outdoors: It is a technological and innovative material with which it is possible to create decking that keeps the beauty of the wood intact over time.

The WPC is resistant to abrasion and mechanical stresses (trampling, dragging, rolling …), to particularly aggressive atmospheric agents (sudden changes in temperature, frost, salt …), to mycotic and chemical agents (mold, fungi, salt, chlorine …).

The Cheap Composite Decking does not rot, does not crack, does not splinter, and does not suffer from aging well to use by the sun’s rays, therefore it does not deform and does not undergo color alterations over time. It is also non-slip and fire-resistant.

Its use is particularly suitable in areas subject to disinfection or disinfestation treatments such as a garden or swimming pool decking, or areas exposed to freezing or saltiness such as high mountain areas or by the sea.

Additional advantages of composite wood decking are the fact that it does not overheat after hours of exposure to sunlight and that when wet it dries quickly and does not remain slippery.

Uses and advantages of composite wood

  • Composite wood decking can be good to use in terraces or verandas, gazebos and pergolas, swimming pool or garden flooring, non-slip and industrial continuous floors, tourist resorts, and solariums.
  • Composite wood decking has very high-quality standards while being economically more advantageous than natural wood, due to lower production and storage costs.
  • Furthermore, because it does not need maintenance treatments with oils, paints, or specific products, it contributes to respect for the environment.
  • Composite wood is eco-friendly because it is 100% recyclable and its manufacturing process does not release pollutants into the environment.
  • Since it is produced with wood processing waste, it reduces its use and consequently limits deforestation.
  • It can be good to use in the same production chain or good to use as a fuel in waste-to-energy plants.

The laying of composite wood

Thanks to an adaptable fixing system, the laying of the composite wood decking are quick, simple, and can be customized to realize your every project: in fact, all the materials are modular in height and width.

Also available are planks, tiles, or squares in every shade of wood color, from the lightest maple to the very dark wenge. This solution allows for obtaining flooring suitable for every need and the enhancement of every type of environment.

Why choose composite wood decking?

Composite wood decking floor is an aesthetically beautiful product that reproduces natural wood but remains unalterable over time and in particular, resists the corrosion of chemical and atmospheric agents and the aggressiveness of molds.

It is economically advantageous, has fast laying times, does not require maintenance, and does not suffer damage or wear.

It is reliable and functional and it is a choice that reveals attention and sensitivity towards the environment as it is eco-compatible and 100% recyclable.

Use of composite wood for exteriors

Although it is also widely good to use for home interiors, the characteristics of composite wood make it particularly appreciated for outdoor applications.

The material is resistant to atmospheric agents, waterproof, but above all stable. It is not affected by elongation and contraction due to variations in temperature and environmental humidity levels.

Combining these aspects with the characteristics of resistance to trampling and wear, one can imagine how suitable the material is for the construction of outdoor floorings, such as paths in the garden, terraces, porches, and pool edges.

Composite wood for exteriors

But those who love the wood effect can only appreciate its use for the facade cladding. The choice is undoubtedly advantageous also from an economic point of view, compared to real wood.

Finally, composite wood can also be good to use to create sunshades. The intrinsic usefulness of the product can be combined with undoubted qualities of elegance, especially thanks to the wide choice given by the many varieties and colors.

Composite wood maintenance for exteriors

One of the greatest advantages of composite wood is its resistance to water, which makes it not only suitable material for outdoor use but also easy to clean.

To counteract the possible presence of stains it is advisable to use specific detergents or, failing that, non-aggressive detergents. Its maintenance is also simple, for which just a few operations are enough.

Composite wood is a material that is difficult to attack by mold. If this forms, it must first be removed with a broom or brush and then treated with a pressure washer a couple of times a month.

This type of wood can be repainted, but it is preferable to use light-colored and non-aggressive paints.

Eco-sustainability and modern style: composite wood is the ideal solution

Customers often ask how it is possible to combine eco-sustainability with modern-style furniture. Wood, for many, is synonymous with classic and ancient, and not everyone sees the same potential with this fantastic material.

So how to combine a modern style with an element considered so traditional?

Composite wood helps us in this sense and allows us to create fantastic compositions. This new sustainable technology is widespread in many countries and it is from these that we will take inspiration to create some furnishings.

Composite wood terrace

The floor perfectly conveys the idea of ​​modernity and the sofa is good to use, as well as the floral decorations; give the idea of ​​a refined, clean, and accessible environment. The support on which the cushions rest is also made of composite wood. Would you ever have said that?

Loft composite wood terrace

Also in this example, we can see a beautiful terrace made with a composite wood floor. The colors are good to use for the furniture, and the type of light, and the decorations make the environment a splendid mix between modern and classic. Wood is perfect for this part of the house. A living room that is halfway between the outside and the inside, a true paradise.

Composite wood pool lining

Here the composite wood is good to use for the pool lining. The effect is extraordinary: instead of having a classic swimming pool or a plastic cover, wood is good to use to give a natural and modern touch to the furniture. The final result is perfect, both for outdoor and indoor pools.

Composite wood home cladding

This example shows composite wood slats good to use to make the exterior of a modern home. The functionality of the wood and its eco-sustainability allow the house to remain exposed without any kind of problem. This is the perfect example of how you can make your dream home using a natural and safe material.

In all these examples it is clear how the use of composite wood is perfect for those who do not want to give up this material while maintaining a modern look.

Sustainability is important, just like the desire to have the ideal home: when you think about building or renovating yours, you also think that there is a planet to defend.

Eco-Friendly Composite Wood Decking

Choosing Cheap Composite Decking is not only a declaration of affection for nature but also a sensible declaration of love for your wallet.

Since composite wood is the result of a well-studied mixture of wood flour (coming from selected waste from the wood industry) and ecological resins, the material does not know the rapid degradation to which natural wood is subject. 

The aesthetic of the industrial material also has nothing to envy with the natural one.  Composite wood has the advantage of being an ecological material, waterproof, and able to retain heat like and perhaps more than natural wood.

Best Features of Cheap Composite Decking

Good to use both for the construction of indoor and outdoor environments, composite wood is an innovative material that offers a good amount of advantages that should not be underestimated:

  • installs quickly;
  • its thermal characteristics are excellent;
  • surprisingly resistant to aging;
  • it stains with difficulty and resists aggression by insects, fungi, salt, and various kinds of microorganisms;
  • proves to have good dimensional stability;
  • thanks to its anti-slip and anti-slip characteristics and the absence of splinters, it can maintain excellent safety standards;
  • the levels of water absorption are very low;
  • The maintenance required is more than reduced if compared to that required for natural wood. To be clear, no oiling or sanding is necessary with a considerable saving in terms of money and time.

Finally, to make Cheap Composite Decking so attractive is the fact that the material disposes of ecologically, and the advantage is that it is free from toxic and dangerous components. It comes in a truly infinite variety of colors, types, and shapes.

Expanding Market of Composite Decking

Decking is parring excellence, the ideal material for the construction of non-invasive outdoor decking. Whether it is wooden or composite planks, decking is a product that has been expanding its market share in recent years.

Architects and planners require it more and more often for the construction of outdoor areas in hotels, bathing establishments, and public places … But interest in this product is also growing in the private sector.

Terraces and porches, pool edges, flower boxes, fences, parapets, walkways, paths, and outdoor structures are just some of the elements that can be created with decking.


The reason why we talk about non-invasive installation is that the decking planks hook to a lattice base structure. We can lay it in support (and possibly remove it) without damaging the underlying surface.

This structure is generally formed by an intertwining of wooden or aluminum joists. The detachment from the ground and the spacing between the slats avoid the stagnation of water which could favor unpleasant slips.

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