Top 10 Things We Have to Do Before Buying Composite Decking



With the development of the building materials, here are more and more options for people to choose from. Wood building material is the traditional building material which needs a lot of wood used as the raw material, resulting in tree declaration. So, it will be the trend to use non-tree building material. Composite decking is made of wood powder, recycled plastic material, and other chemical additives, which could be a better method to replace the traditional wood-made building material. What’s more, composite decking has more advantages than the real wood, here are some listed in the following:

1. Composite decking material
Let’s go to know the ingredients of the composite decking firstly, composite decking is made of various materials, including wood fiber powder, HDPE (high-density polyethylene), recycled material without any harmful substances, and other addictive chemicals, such as coupling agent, coloring agent, etc. Recycled plastic material is extracted from plastic waste, including bottle,

2. Outdoor composite decking
Composite decking is a type of outdoor building material, which is the better building material to replace the traditional wood building material. Composite decking floors can be installed in various places, including gardens, parks, airports, and many other public places.

3. Various shaped buildings
Composite decking can be cut into different shaped pieces to satisfy different building requirements, such as pavilions, river bridges, fences, mini houses, etc., totally composite decking can de be designed to build various types of the building following creational ideas.

4. Excellent anti-insects feature
Composite decking is a better choice to build equipment and facilities, even in a mild environment. It is not easy to corrode and faded compared with the traditional wood building material, without worries of being corroded by the moisture in the air. Insects can’t destroy the composite decking without a mild environment.

5. Low maintenance
Traditional wood building material must be protected well all year round, regular maintenance is needed. The surface of the wood material must be coated, painted, renewed regularly in a year, which is the way to waste a lot of money and time. On the contrary, composite decking only needs easy cleaning with soap liquid, without the need for any complicated maintenance work.

6. High strength
Composite decking is composited by various materials, with high density, which is given high strength. Hard to destroy the composite decking because of higher bear ability. Composite decking is much heavier than the traditional wood-made decking.

7. Aesthetics value
Composite decking has various surface colors, patterns, and styles, modeling after the style of the real wood. It can be designed to be coated with different surfaces to match the surrounding environment. More options are provided to make your building to be vivid and beautiful.

8. Various surface patterns
To satisfy different requirements of users, here are various surfaces for users to choose freely, including normal types, grooved types, 3D embossing types, and sand types. What’s more, COOWIN composite decking supports personalized customization, your special requirement can be achieved.

9. Environmental-friend building material
Composite decking material doesn’t have any harmful substances, being used as a good method to replace the tractional building material. Old composite decking can be recycled to make other products, decreasing the waste of resources.

10. Splinters
The traditional decking is made of press-treated natural wood board, the splinter is a natural fragment of the wood surface which is a kind of sharp object. The splinter is too sharp and hard to hurt your skin, by penetrating your skin deeply. It is hard to be removed, and it can’t be dissolved naturally.