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Top 10 Composite Deck Designs in China 2023

Monday, May 23, 2022

Description: Do you know which top 10 composite deck designs are? We have brought you the top 10 models of composite decks.

What are composite deck boards?

Composite decking is a wood-plastic composite material that is widely used for outdoor decking and outdoor wall panels. Wood-plastic composite is made from a mixture of wood flour and recyclable plastic.

Composite decking is a very popular construction material. In addition to that, it can be used in many other ways as well. It’s easy to install, and it doesn’t require any special skills or experience.

composite deck board design

Top 10 Composite Deck Designs

Hollow Capped Composite Decking CO-02

  • Capped composite decking is made excellent at resisting stains, scratches, weathering, and fading.
  • The perfect combination of natural wood color, easy to maintain and clean, durable and beautiful.
  • Our premium and eco-friendly, high-quality wooden products are made from sustainable hardwood and recycled plastic.
  • Our products are 100% natural, with no chemicals or solvents used in the manufacturing process.
  • No need to worry about quality issues, just install on your own time and enjoy the best possible service.
composite decking CO-02

Solid Capped Composite Decking CO-03

  • Our products are made of wood-plastic composite, which is the ecological green building material and it’s a great product to build your house.
  • We integrate our Composite deck designs, production, and quality control system as we can control the manufacturing process of each unit.
  • Handcrafting all wood items with high ethical standards.
  • The ergonomic handle grips the device without any interference.
  • Managing by carbon footprint, product sustainability, and environmental protection.
  • Designed in a way that has a premium feel.
composite decking board CO-03

Hollow Composite Decking 3D Wood Grain CO-10

  • Simple but elegant design
  • High quality and low cost
  • Ultra-high reliability, the whole process is safe and smooth
  • Easy to use, just a few clicks to generate any design
  • Best quality control system through ISO 9001:2000 and ISO 14001:2004+ISO 13485:2010 certification
  • Customized with customers’ requirements and needs!
capped composite decking CO-10

Hollow Composite Decking 3D Wood Grain TS-03

  • The most popular and widely used product in the market.
  • Money-saving, simple, lightweight, and durable, made of durable material that is easy to clean.
  • Versatile design allows you to use it at home or out and about.
  • The highly durable and long-lasting material will support the life of your product.
  • We offer all the products-completed with high quality and reasonable price.
composite decking TS-03

Hollow Composite Decking 3D Wood Grain TS-04

  • Precision engineered, premium quality.
  • Extremely durable.
  • Made from renewable and recyclable materials, easy to clean and maintain.
  • Premium quality wooden furniture
  • Vibrant colors for any room’s interior design
Hollow composite decking TS-04

Hollow Composite Decking 3D Wood Grain TS-05

  • Customized wood product
  • High quality with the highest degree of quality and control
  • Easy to install, easy to use.
  • Unique design that lets you bend it in any direction.
  • A great option for commercial and residential use.
  • It is suitable for many projects.
Hollow composite decking TS-05

Solid Composite Decking 3D Wood Grain TH-09B

  • Made from 38% HDPE, with a 5-year warranty.
  • This item provides you with the best value for money (100%)
  • Beautifully designed by a handcrafted wooden specialist
  • Easy to assemble with all the specialized tools and parts you need
  • High quality and competitive price
  • Made of high quality and durable material.
  • Designed to last for a long time through the different types of sanding, water blasting & painting
solid composite decking TH-09B

Solid Composite Decking 3D Wood Grain CD-01

  • Portable, lightweight
  • Sanding and 3D embossing
  • Affordable, accessible, and adjustable.
  • An ideal tool for tile artists and decorators.
  • Precision milled cuts, small precision angles
  • The perfect addition to your 3D architectural designs.
solid composite decking CD-01

Solid Composite Decking 3D Wood Grain CD-03

  • Only uses natural, renewable, and sustainable materials to manufacture, which are also recyclable.
  • Produced in a highly productive forest environment without any pollution or deforestation.
  • Made of high-quality recycled and non-toxic products, it is eco-friendly.
  • Easy to keep clean and reusable.
solid composite decking CD-03

Solid Composite Decking 3D Wood Grain TW-K03

  • Our company is a premium wood plastic composite products manufacturer, offering wood plastic composite materials for interior furniture and home decoration.
  • Easy to use great for a beginner.
  • Multifunctional, customizable, and easy to install on any wood surface.
  • Great for creating unique surfaces, such as furniture laminates, cabinets, furniture bases, and other decorative elements.
  • The ideal wood interior wood door for your house.
  • Compatible with most of the doors on the market for all types of buildings.
solid composite decking TW-K03

What is wood plastic composite?

Wood-plastic composite is a kind of interior and exterior decoration material that is being chosen by many interior designers, businesses, and households. It is not only a quality product that can be used in many items but also brings high aesthetics to the overall construction.

And if you are looking to buy wood plastic composite, please immediately refer to its advantages, disadvantages, and practical applications in the article below!

Know about wood plastic composite

For instance, knowing the basic information about the product will help you determine more clearly and accurately that “Is this the right material for your project?” Below, we will suggest some information you need to know about this plastic wood:


Above all, wood-plastic composite is a combination product of plastic and wood pulp and other additives. After that, he product inherits the beauty of natural wood and the durability of plastic. These products come in natural colors and durable colors without any coating materials.

Practical application

As a material that is extremely suitable for the climate, plastic wood has diverse applications in most indoor and outdoor projects.

Advantages of wood plastic composite

Composite Deck Boards are a product born with many outstanding features, to overcome the limitations of natural wood. Some of the most prominent advantages include:

Diversity of designs: The surface of the product is not only designed according to natural wood grain but also has a variety of textures that natural wood does not have. This advantage will help you have more options and also easily choose the product that best suits your home.

Waterproof, good water resistance:  Produced by modern technology combined with injection molding and extrusion, this material has very good water resistance, especially suitable for outdoor use conditions.

High-temperature resistance:  Due to its resistance to ultraviolet rays from the sun, it is not easy to catch fire or blister, crack, and crack natural wood, ensuring long-term aesthetics for the building.

Simple construction: wood plastic composite can withstand good pressure, capable of processing with woodworking tools, helping to save maximum time and labor.

Low maintenance costs: No need to spray paint or protect chemicals.

No warping, termites: This is definitely one of the factors that many people care about when choosing to buy products made from plastic. So this plastic wood product completely overcomes the limitations of imitation wood-plastic products, ensuring the durability of the construction.

Cons of Composite Deck

However, the biggest weakness of this product is that it has a slight plastic feel. When viewed up close, it may not show the true beauty of natural wood.

Secondly, the purchase cost of composite decking boards is slightly higher. However, the maintenance-free advantage reduces the maintenance cost in the future.

outdoor decking design

Where to buy reputable composite decking?

Currently, there are many poor-quality products on the market due to poor quality input materials and unsafe mixing ratios. This leads to the product being produced without uniformity, it will appear quite a lot of coarse particles from which the waterproofing of the product will be significantly reduced. And one thing is for sure, the quality of the work will be severely affected after a short period of use.

Before diving into learning about the characteristics, classification, and applications of this floor, we need to understand the concept of Composite Deck Designs. And what is it made of first?

Features of composite deck flooring

However, wood plastic Composite is made up of the main ingredients of wood pulp and composite plastic powder. These two ingredients are mixed in a certain ratio depending on the type. In addition, the composition of this material contains the presence of some additives. Which can add to create specific characteristics for the product.

Composition of composite materials

Perhaps through the definition, you must have understood somewhat about the composition of this material, right?

The product is made up of two main ingredients including:

  • Can be sawdust, wood flour, wood fiber, etc.
  • Plastic powder: Can use HDPE, PVC, PP, ABS, and PS.

Composite deck flooring manufacturing

These two ingredients are mixed in a certain ratio, to form a homogeneous mixture. It is then brought into the manufacturing process by extrusion or extrusion to form the finished material.

In addition to the two main components mentioned above, this type of floor also has several additives, adhesives, and colors … based on inorganic chemicals and Cellulose.

Features of Composite Deck flooring

Composite deck flooring is usually divided into 2 main types.

Hollow composite decking

Thanks to this, it has better drainage ability, so it can apply in high humidity areas without fear of damaging the structure of the floor, such as bathroom floors, saunas, and balconies.

Solid wood plastic composite deck boards

Instead of being designed as a hollow, Composite Deck Designs is especially good so the structure is extremely solid. Therefore, the waterproofing ability, as well as the bearing capacity, is considered to be the best compared to other types of composite flooring.

With the characteristics of high impact resistance and high durability, this type of floor is often used for works with high traffic density. such as public swimming pools, roads in parks, or areas of resorts…

Advantage Composite Deck Designs

On the market today, there are many materials used for floor construction. So compared to other types of materials, what advantages does this floor have more prominent? We will soon know the following:

Good waterproofing and water resistance: Thanks to this advantage, they can use for construction in areas with high humidity, for example: paving the area around swimming pools, bathrooms, toilets …

No warping, or shrinkage: With this feature, the floor still ensures the characteristics as well as the aesthetics of the building.

Anti-termite, mold: Although the composition of the floor contains wood pulp, they have been carefully processed through many stages. This limits the possibility of termites attack, as well as the phenomenon of mold that can occur.

The Material of Composite Deck Designs

The material is appreciated for its heat insulation and fire resistance. As a result, in the event of a fire, it will limit the spread of the fire to neighboring areas.

High bearing capacity: So it can apply in areas with high traffic density without deforming or warping the floor.

Lightweight: Because of this feature, they bring benefits to reducing the load for construction works.

  • Easy to create
  • Reasonable price, save cost
  • Safe for the health of the user
  • Good anti-slip ability thanks to the design of grooves on the surface of the material

Advantages of composite plastic decking

As mentioned at the beginning of the article, Composite deck designs are made up of many different materials. Therefore, it cannot reuse like ordinary plastic.

If you feel satisfied with what composite materials have and want to apply them to your family’s projects but do not know which model to use.

If you intend to use this material for flooring around the pool area, you can refer to this sample. The gray color scheme creates a subtle beauty for the building but does not encroach on the prominence of the swimming pool. Because in this project, the swimming pool is the main element, the floor will consider an auxiliary element to highlight the swimming pool.

Practical applications of composite floors in life

Thanks to the advantages that this material itself possesses, such as waterproof ability, good water resistance, effective fire resistance, and high bearing capacity…so the applicability of the material is relatively broad. It can use for such works as:

  • Lining pool floor, garden floor
  • The flooring of wharves, docks, piers, yachts
  • Stairs flooring
  • Lining terraces, balconies
  • Miniature flooring…

However, depending on the area to construct, the appropriate type of Composite Deck Design will select.

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In order to avoid buying low-quality composite decks, please recognize the COOWIN brand. Because COOWIN has over twenty years of experience in developing and manufacturing composite products. And we have a professional service team to answer your questions and can provide you with free composite decking samples. Let you have a deeper understanding of composite decking before you proceed with your outdoor project.

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