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Thoughts and Ideas on Cocktail Railing

July 01, 2024

There is nothing better than having a deck than being able to dine outside and hang out with friends. In addition, a great deck allows you to enjoy your family better. Deck railings with drink rails can come in handy at all these times! Adding a cocktail railing to your deck can make it look better and more functional. Not only does this style of railing look beautiful on your deck, but it also comes in handy.

You can use it to hold coffee mugs while enjoying the view early in the morning, or to hold drinks and snacks during a party. It can also be used to simply store items like pool toys or gardening tools. With a cocktail rail, you can create a place that is both beautiful and functional, perfect for gatherings with friends and family.

What Is a Cocktail Railing?

A cocktail railing is a flat, practical surface that can be installed on deck railings. As well as being practical, it can add some style to your deck. If your deck has railings, you may want to consider installing cocktail railings.

When you add up all the costs of building a new deck, installing cocktail railings is a very small additional cost. Adding cocktail railings to an average deck with 60 feet of railing can cost between $250 and $500.

In addition, cocktail railings can add to the look of a deck. If the deck and railings are in a contrasting color, or if the deck railings are made of a different material. Then a cocktail railing in the same style as most decks can tie everything together.

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What Is a Cocktail Railing Good for?

Adding drink railings to your deck is easy. But what is a cocktail railing good for?

You can use it for just about anything, as it can form a shelf or bar area. A cocktail railing can hold food, drinks, or anything else that needs to be placed. You can also place plants, outdoor lights, candles and other outdoor decorations on a cocktail railing.

Benefits of Cocktail Railing

We know what cocktail railings do and how they look. But why should you install cocktail railings on your deck?

We’ve listed a few of the reasons:

  • Makes the deck look more aesthetically pleasing
  • It’s a great addition for people who like to party
  • It makes it easier to eat and drink outdoors with your family
  • Getting rid of outdoor clutter on the deck that can be annoying or even dangerous
  • It can add style to your deck. You can use it for small plants or place candles on the deck for a romantic evening.

Adding a cocktail railing to any kind of deck is easy. Wooden cocktail railings or combination cocktail railings are very easy to install.


Ways to Add Cocktail Deck Railings

You can make cocktail deck railings yourself or hire a professional to do it for you. Adding cocktail railings requires only a few extra steps when installing the railings. You will need to purchase the top and bottom rails, balusters, and mounting bolts for the cocktail railings in order to install them to the deck railing.

Then, start by securing the mounting brackets to the deck railing, making sure they are flat and in place. Then, attach the top and bottom rails to the frame and place the pre-drilled holes in the railing into the railing. Make sure the rails are securely in place and properly spaced. Finally, add decorations such as caps to the top of the posts and you’re done.

Tips for adding a cocktail railing:

  • Match the color to a part of the deck. This can be a picture frame plank or the main deck plank.
  • Cover the posts of the fence. This will make the posts a few inches taller than the cocktail railing.
  • In addition to being useful, postcaps look great. You can choose post caps that match the railing or coordinate with the color of the deck planks.
  • Even if you’re not adding railing caps because you want a modern-looking continuous cocktail railing. You should still consider adding railing caps when the height of the railing changes. Don’t let the rough edges of the cocktail railings show so you can maintain the smooth look you want.

Ideas for Cocktail Railing

A cocktail railing is both beautiful and functional on any deck. Not only does it make your outdoor space look better, but it also comes in handy. For example, to hold drinks and snacks at a party, or to give you a place to store items for a short period of time. Take your deck to the next level with a cocktail railing. It will make the outdoor living space more beautiful and functional.

Here are some design ideas for the cocktail deck railing. You will surely come up with your own ideas soon:

  • With a cocktail railing on your deck, you’ll be able to enjoy your time on the deck with your friends. Everyone can keep their drinks and snacks on the railing, and it’s much easier to move around. This allows you to host larger parties or just relax on the deck without being tied down by furniture.
  • You don’t have to worry about space when relaxing on the deck with your family. It’s a safe place to keep the kids’ snacks and all the household trash that is randomly discarded outside. A cocktail railing on the deck can do just that.
  • Start the barbecue! At most barbecues, at least one person stands by the grill. With a cocktail rail, you can stand up and chat with the chef, putting down plates and drinks as you go. No one will feel left out, so it’s easier to spend a lot of time outside.
  • Whether it’s morning or evening, you can have a drink on the deck. Of course, no one is suggesting drinking in the morning. But the cocktail rail can be used as an impromptu drinks table while you enjoy the garden. You can enjoy the view with a cup of coffee or a glass of white wine while watching the sunset.
  • A chic cocktail railing will make your outdoor space look even better. Many people put plants, lights, and other decorations on their cocktail railings. Make sure that anything that will be left outside is properly secured. You can also use cocktail railings to decorate for parties, gatherings, or festivals.

Start Building the Cocktail Railing

Cocktail railings are an easy way to make your deck look nicer and more functional. Why not get started right away? You can do the installation yourself or hire a professional. Trust me, a good cocktail railing can make your outdoor living space stand out.

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