The Quality Control

Raw material

About the produce process of wood powder, at first step, the materials will enter the roughing machine to pick out the impurities. And then at the second, materials without impurities go into the selected equipment to screen the unqualified wood powder. And finally the qualified wood powder will be left.

High production process requirement

Wood-plastic products need to go through several major steps such as mixing,granulation,extruding and after-treatment. Each step will have special personnel to supervise.

Raw material mixer:

Granulators need to have more than 10 years of experienced technicians to mix proportions.

It is very important to control the temperature in production. The temperature control division will monitor the production status of the products in real time and adjust them in real time according to the production conditions of the products to ensure that the products are formed and stabilized.

After the production of the substrate, COOWIN is responsible for the inspection of the substrate by the person who is responsible for the inspection of the substrate. For example, it detects dozens of inspection processes such as whether the product is bent, whether the surface is smooth, and whether there are impurities in the cross section.

Subsequent to the successful detection of the substrate, it is necessary to undergo post-processing masters to carry out technical steps such as pulling, sanding, or embossing to make the product more practicable.

Finished product inspection

After the post-processing product is basically part of the production process came to an end, at this time, the quality product inspection director of the finished product of the workshop randomly checks the quality of the product.

Finished product requires the use of a special device to test 20 items such as the color, texture, process, and strength of the product.

After the product passes the inspection, the workers will cut the length according to the customer's requirements, clean the product surface debris, put the code in the finished product area, and prepare the package.