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The best season to install an outdoor deck

Monday, July 25, 2022

When you are preparing to undertake an outdoor construction project, exclude a variety of factors such as material selection and costing. One other factor that is often overlooked is the timing of the project’s construction. Contractor needs and material availability vary by season, and varying weather can greatly affect the timing and outcome of outdoor deck construction. Summer is upon us, and you may be considering installing an outdoor deck to spend time outdoors. But hot climates may not be suitable for outdoor deck installation. Therefore, we need to know to determine the best season of the year to install an outdoor deck.

What is the best time of year to install an outdoor deck?

If you are planning to build an outdoor deck project, you can get it done at any time of the year. Unfortunately, factors such as heavy rainfall can prevent you from painting your home until it is finished. Now, this does not mean that deck construction is not affected by weather-related delays, such as heavy snow or ice in the winter.

However, the most common belief is that you should build an outdoor deck in the warmer months. It’s the warmer months that make it easier to lay a good foundation for an outdoor deck. Of course, the more you need to pay when hiring a contractor in the warmer weather months, the more you will have to pay. You will therefore be at a disadvantage because their needs will be higher, resulting in a longer wait time for your project. The timing of deck construction will also affect the availability of supplies such as lumber and composite lumber decking, which will be more difficult to obtain during times of high demand.

So, that’s why we need to compare spring, fall, and winter, which season is best for building outdoor decks.

Is spring the right time to install an outdoor deck?

Professional deck contractors take appointments for deck projects all year round. You can make an appointment before spring arrives and have your outdoor deck installed before the grass turns green. That way you’ll be able to enjoy your outdoor life as soon as summer arrives. If your outdoor deck installation is completed early, then you will still have more time to enhance your outdoor deck.

When spring arrives, deck contractors gradually get busier. You can get multiple quotes from multiple deck contractors. But with the delay and their schedules filling up, deck builders are less willing to reduce installation costs and labor costs.

Advantages of installing a deck in the spring

  • You can enjoy the outdoors in the summer
  • Building material stores will have a good selection of materials
  • Less subject to seasonal influences

Disadvantages of installing a deck in the spring

  • The cost of installing outdoor decks may be higher
  • Late appointments may require a wait

Is fall the best time to build a deck?

Fall is another great time to build a deck because it coincides with the beginning of the industry’s slow season. Decorating contractors may accept fewer customers when others are installing their patio furniture in late summer. Combine this with the lower temperatures and you will have less damage to your backyard landscape during the building process. You’ll also beat the spring rush by a greater margin than if you started in the winter, and you’ll have all winter to complete the project if there are any delays. Given that fall weather is more predictable than winter weather, your project is much less likely to be delayed.

Also, consider the amenities that put the finishing touches on your deck. For example, many contractors include deck lights during construction. You may be able to negotiate a better deal during these off-season months when demand is reduced.

Advantages of building a deck in the fall

  • Reduced demand for contractors and building materials
  • Earlier in the off-season gives you more time to complete the project
  • Weather is more predictable, reducing the possibility of setbacks
  • New decks will be ready in time for winter

Disadvantages of building decks in the fall

  • Potential for delays due to frozen ground
  • Colder months make deck stains more difficult to apply

Is winter a good time to build a deck?

When it’s cold outside, homeowners demand the least amount of service from deck builders and designers. Since custom deck construction can be a daunting task, this may be the biggest case for winter construction. You may be their only client or one of a handful of clients, which means you will receive more attention from them, may be able to negotiate lower prices and will face fewer industry-related frustrations.

The cold, rough ground makes digging a wood deck foundation much easier. That said, while severe moisture can pose a threat to wood in the summer, decks can be sunk more effectively in the winter.

Heavy snow or ice is the only factor that delays deck construction in winter. Unless you live in an area that experiences heavy snowfall throughout the winter, you still have plenty of time to build your deck in preparation for spring. That’s why it’s recommended to start this work before January or February when the potential for snow and ice is greatest. It’s also important to note that winter is a more difficult season to apply stains or sealers, while bright, direct sunlight throughout spring and summer is the best option.

Advantages of building a deck in the winter

  • Less need for contractors and supplies
  • The ground is better suited for excavation and foundation building
  • Low humidity is better for wood
  • Decks will be ready when spring arrives

Disadvantages of building a deck in the winter

  • Extreme cold weather conditions may delay your deck project
  • If you use wood decks, the cold weather may damage them

Summing up

From the above, we learned that different seasons have different advantages for installing outdoor decks. If you want to enjoy your outdoor deck earlier, you can choose spring. You can also choose winter if there are no extreme temperatures in your area in winter. Therefore, when you choose the season to install your deck, you need to take into account your actual situation.

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