TS-03 Composite decking used for the coastal place


The people living beside the sea or traveling the seaside like to enjoy their time laying on the floor. It’s important to keep the place clean and beautiful at the same time, composite decking could be a good option to satisfy. With the development of the composite decking making technology, more and more composite decking types are made to be applied in various situations where people live and have fun. The image above is showing the project case in Europe.

The composite decking is this project case is TS-03, with a 3D-embossing surface designed to show the real wood texture to a great extent. The width of it is 150mm and the thickness of it 25mm. 3D embossing art composite decking aims to create the board with natural color and vivid wood texture. Composite decking can be widely used in public areas including seaside places, parks, gardens because it has various advantages compared to the traditional wood decking. Composite decking has an excellent anti-pressure ability because of its high strength. Composite decking doesn’t need much maintenance keeping it tidy and clean, people can clean it with water scrubbing the surface of it.

3D embossing composite decking is welcomed widely by the market, which is an environmentally-friendly building material which is also easy to install, with low maintenance requirement, helping you save money and labor cost during composite decking service life. 3D embossing composite is fashionable for creating a beautiful place for amusement for people, which has a more natural visual appearance showing the beauty of nature compared with traditional wood decking. The grain texture of it is realistic and vivid, creating a graceful composite decking finish.