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Some information about Composite deck railing ideas

Monday, February 07, 2022

Painted as part of an outdoor deck. Composite deck railing not only provides safety and security measures. But also enhances the aesthetics of outdoor living spaces. Unlike traditional wood deck railing, composite railing systems offer a wide range of color and design options.

The wide variety of composite deck railing not only allows you to have a classic, traditional deck railing look. It also allows you to build modern, trendy outdoor railings. At the same time, composite materials will not fade, rot, warp, or chip, and offer a variety of benefits such as durability and low maintenance. Next, let’s learn more about the composite premium deck railing.

Composite railing FAQ

Why choose composite railing?

More and more people are choosing composite railing systems. This is because composite railing not only captures the traditional look of wood. But also eliminates all maintenance requirements. Composite railing materials are environmentally adaptable, highly resistant to water, mold, and insects, and can last 20 years or more.

No matter what style of home or outdoor deck you have, the composite railing will work well with your design style. Make your home look more beautiful while increasing the value of your home. Composite material is also super durable and ultra-low maintenance, making it a quality deck railing.

classic composite | top rail

What is composite railing made of?

Composite decking materials are made from a blend of wood fibers and recyclable plastics. Therefore, promoting products such as composite railing and composite board not only improves the utilization of forest resources. But also protects the environment and reduces household waste. At the same time, as artificially manufactured composite products. They can also customize with specialized appearance and color according to customer needs. Thus, it can meet the design needs of different users and bring people a better outdoor space living experience.

What is the difference between the composite material and vinyl railing?

Composite material is a mixture of natural wood and recyclable plastic. Vinyl railing, on the other hand, is made entirely of synthetic materials. As deck railings, both have many of the same benefits. Such as low maintenance and long life for both composite and vinyl railings.

The main difference between them is the difference in style. The composite railing has more of a natural wood look and traditional style. Vinyl balustrades tend to have a smoother finish, which is perfect for colonial homes.

Composite Railing Design Ideas

Can composite deck railings have beverage rails?

Yes. You can add adapters with beverage rails to composite railing. In addition, you can install railing seats on the side for better enjoyment while you relax outdoors.

Can I paint the composite railing?

We do not recommend painting composite railings. There are two reasons for this, one is because it will void your warranty. The second is that composite railing is available in a variety of colors. So you can choose the right color to match your home. You can even contact a composite railing manufacturer to customize a composite railing in a specific color and look just for you.

Installing Composite Railing

How to install composite railing?

Composite railing is easy to install, and different models of composite railing will be installed in slightly different ways. We have accompanying installation instructions to help you complete your deck project. You can also contact our team at any time and our service staff will be ready to help you with any questions you may have.

Can I use a composite railing on my stairs?

Of course, you can. Composite balusters are suitable for all areas where balusters can be used. You can ask our service staff to find and use angled stair railing kits and leveling kits.

Composite railing maintenance

How much maintenance do composite balusters require?

The great advantage of composite balusters is that they are extremely low maintenance. The composite deck railing has better environmental resilience than the wood railing. It won’t rot, warp or crack, and you never need to paint it. This means you can spend more time enjoying your outdoor living space and less time maintaining it with daily chores.

How do I clean composite railing?

A composite railing is easy to clean, and in most cases, all you need is plain soap and water to wipe it down. We recommend cleaning it at least twice a year. Simply spray the railing with a hose to remove surface debris, then wipe them down with soapy water, and finally rinse off any cleaning solution with fresh water.

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