Solid wood plastic outdoor park playground flooring


Wood-plastic outdoor recreation area floor, the most appropriate floor for the outdoor recreation area sports ground. Combined with the features of wood, plastic, and stone, such an outdoor playground flooring will be able to declare “best fit”.

The veer resistance of the floor of the playground of the wood-plastic outdoor recreation area. For playground flooring, good anti-slip performance can assure the safety of the movement. The wood plastic material outdoor floor has got the same adsorption capacity of plastic, guaranteeing the friction between the sole and the ground. Prevent slipping, also be ideal for the motion to perform better.

The anti-wear function of the floor of wood plastic material outdoor park playground. Outdoor playground flooring is putting on extremely fast because of a lot of friction between the sole and the ground. The wear-resisting trend of wood and plastic is usually lower than 2k, even if add wear-steady layers may also not play the biggest role due to insufficient match. The wear-steady revolution of wood plastic material playground flooring is twenty-seven, 000, yes, more than ten times the wood! Remarkable density and standard texture produce such amazing results.

Green property on the ground of the outdoor recreation area playground. For outdoor recreation area sports fields, it is necessary to build associations with a huge number of people, not to be renewable or healthy, that is certainly not allowed. The dyes and paints used in wood and rock contain formaldehyde and ignorance and are super easy to volatilize. The natural stone material does not pass strict inspection, may contain the radioactive element, cause radiation problems for human being body. Wood-plastic outdoor playground flooring, comply with E0 environmental protection standard, contain no toxic chemicals and harmful gases, protect human health.

Wood-plastic material outdoor park playground floor, one kind of material is better than 3. Made of wood natural powder, plastic, and harmless chemicals, the properties are definitely more excellent and stable. Playground floors, please choose wood plastic material outdoor park playground floors.