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Small backyard deck ideas and designs

Tuesday, September 13, 2022

Who says a small yard can’t be fun? Even if you only have a small backyard, you don’t have to give up style. However, when it comes to decorating smaller outdoor spaces and decorating decks, you need more planning and design. Even if you don’t have a large backyard, there are many ideas and designs for small backyard decks. With these small backyard deck design ideas below. And you can learn how to make the most of your small outdoor space.

Things to consider when building a small deck

If you are planning to build your small outdoor deck, here are some things you need to consider when you start planning.

Make sure your deck is the right size for your house. If you have a small house and yard, you don’t want your deck to take up too much space. Whether you want it to stand alone or be attached to your house. And whether you want it to be easily accessible from the inside. Even if you have a small house, you can still have a raised deck. The key to having a beautiful deck that adds value to your house and works with your outdoor space is to keep it simple.

Small backyard deck designs

Outdoor deck permit. Before you start building your new deck, you need to make sure you have the right permits. Once you’ve created the blueprints for your deck design. Then you’ll need two copies of scaled drawings to show to your local building officials in order to obtain a permit. Before you build your deck, many inspectors will be available to help and willing to make sure it meets local safety and building codes. In the long run, this can save you a lot of trouble.

Deck railing codes and requirements. Even the smallest decks need to follow the codes and requirements for deck railings. If your outdoor deck is more than 30 inches above ground level, you must build a protective railing. Whether you own a home or a business will determine how high your guardrail should be.

DIY vs. DIFM. Before you start, you need to decide if you want to build your deck yourself or hire someone to build it. Depending on your skill level, a small in-ground deck may be a good project for a do-it-yourself. But you may want to hire a contractor to build it for you.

Use a sloped yard. An uneven yard can be difficult and can make your backyard feel smaller. Consider putting stairs or ramps in the sloped part of the yard to reach the flatter part of the deck. Many people find it difficult to deal with a sloped yard. So you may want to hire a contractor to help you figure out how to take advantage of the natural features of your yard and make the most of your space.

10 Design Ideas for Building a Small Outdoor Deck

Need more ideas for small outdoor decks? From small backyard deck ideas to building a deck for a tiny house, find inspiration and ideas for decorating, staging, and planning a deck that fits your space.

1. How to arrange patio furniture on a small deck?

One way to arrange patio furniture on a small deck is to make a sitting or dining area near one end. This will give you more space at the other end of the deck for other activities. You can create “zones” on your small deck by placing loungers or benches at one end instead of in the middle. This way, your furniture won’t take up the entire width of the deck.

Putting nice planter boxes around the edge of your small deck can also make it blend in with your backyard, making it feel larger and more open. In the same way, placing LED lights on your deck boards can save space. Because you don’t need to set up large floor lights that might take up more space.

2. How can I make a small deck look bigger?

Choose deck furniture that fits the way your deck is built. A combination sofa made of wicker or rattan can fit nicely in the corner of your deck. Especially if your deck is attached to your house. By putting a combination sofa on your deck against the wall of your house. Then you can free up more space on your deck and give your guests more than enough places to sit.

3. Think of your small deck as an outdoor room attached to your house

The best way to build any deck, especially a small one, is to connect it to a doorway of your house. For example, glass sliding doors are a great way to get from your indoor space to your outdoor deck without any hassle. When the weather gets warmer, you can open your glass doors to allow people to walk back and forth between indoors and outdoors. This will help you make the most of your small deck to entertain guests. Put an inviting dining table on your deck to make it feel less like an outdoor room and more like an extension of your home.

4. Incorporate natural elements into your small deck

You can make the most of your space by building a small backyard deck around a natural feature such as a large tree. These can help you divide your outdoor deck into areas for sitting or other activities by acting as built-in walls. Installing glass railings can also make your deck feel more connected to its surroundings, giving you an unobstructed view of lush greenery and making your small deck feel larger.

5. How to make a small deck look bigger

With glass railings and interesting but small furniture, a small deck can feel bigger. Not only do glass railings give you a better view of the lush greenery in your yard. But they also help your deck to better coordinate with the rest of your home. Plus, stylish and small furniture, such as curved chairs that easily fit around a round table, can give your outdoor deck more space when not in use.

6. Small decks with eye-catching furniture

With the right furniture, a small deck can look very stylish. In a small space, chic egg-shaped wicker chairs offer comfort without giving up style. You may not need a lot of furniture on a small deck. But it allows you to be creative and choose truly unique pieces that will make your small deck stand out.

7. Deck furniture with hidden storage space

You can make the most of a small deck by purchasing furniture with clever features, such as benches with hidden storage. By building benches into the design of your deck, or by leaning them directly against the wall, you can have more space on your deck to entertain guests. Built-in storage drawers on the bench give you a place to store extra towels, blankets, books, and snacks that you can use on the deck.

8. Deck on a small roof

Even if you don’t have a backyard and live in a busy city, a rooftop deck is a great way to enjoy the outdoors. A small outdoor deck can be a quiet place to relax with a great view of the city. Put colorful flowers and plants on it to bring a touch of greenery to the cityscape. A small deck on the roof can also be a great place to relax because it has colorful chair cushions.

9. How to decorate a small deck?

There are many ways to decorate a small deck, but a pop of color can make even the smallest deck feel charming. Neutral furniture can go with a deck, but bold pillows and throws, mixed and matched with solids, florals, and patterns, can tie the look together. A small deck can also be vibrant with bright vases and flowers.

10. Cozy little deck

A small deck can feel more comfortable with planters of different sizes and colors. White railings and deck furniture stand out when set against a cocoa-colored deck. Placing different-sized plants makes a small space look better without making it feel enclosed. It also adds a burst of fresh green.

Smaller decks can give you big benefits, like getting your money’s worth and giving you years of enjoyment. Planning carefully before you build your deck and getting ideas on how to decorate your small deck can go a long way in making the space feel warm and inviting.

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