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WPC Outdoor Flooring for Swimming Pool

June 07, 2021

The swimming pool is a restricted area of many kinds of flooring materials because it takes a long time to directly exposed to the sun and wind and rain, but also in the near water environment. Long-term sun exposure will make most of the building materials become brittle, easy to break, and will lead to the pool floor fade, the surface cracks, and even the skin directly off. Weathering, rain erosion, water immersion will reduce the life of the pool floor.

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Pool floor, COOWIN® wood-plastic composite material is definitely a good choice. Experiments show that it has shown excellent adaptability to the outdoor environment and near water area. In the lab, it took four weeks of 7 * 24 hours ten times the ambient temperature of the simulated sun exposure. The results are very gratifying, although the COOWIN® pool floor for a long time to maintain a temperature of nearly 60 degrees Celsius, removed from the experimental equipment after the temperature quickly cooled to room temperature, and the surface without any eye can see the changes. This means that COOWIN® wood-plastic composite pool decking can be exposed to sunlight for a long time, and no fear of high temperature can be installed in any country around the world. But also proved that it has a strong anti-temperature effect! For commercial pools, this represents lower maintenance costs, less maintenance time, longer pool time opening hours, and more available profits. For the domestic swimming pool, such a beautiful but doesn't need too much attention pool flooring match the swimming pool is perfect.

COOWIN® WPC outdoor decking for the swimming pool's soaking experiment is still going on. We will be swimming pool floor block soaked in water, the longest piece of a plate has been soaked for three years, there is still no eyes can see the changes. We are confident that the COOWIN® WPC outdoor pool flooring has good waterproof performance.

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