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Outdoor Waterproof WPC Solid and Hollow Wall Cladding

May 17, 2021

When selecting waterproof WPC wall panels outdoor, we should pay attention to local conditions and choose materials suitable for the decoration effect. There are many kinds of waterproof WPC wall panels, mainly divided into hollow slabs and solid plates. So where should we choose the hollow waterproof WPC wall panels? Where to use the solid waterproof WPC wall panels? Here is a brief introduction.

waterproof WPC wall panels outdoor|outdoor wall panel decoration

Solid waterproofing WPC Wall Cladding is suitable for the pool area

Now more and more villas adopt waterproof WPC Wall Cladding to decorate the external environment. Since many areas have designed pools and other waters, we can choose the solid WPC Wall Cladding. The solid WPC Wall Cladding adopts the unique design concept, which can have the function effect of rapid drainage so that too much water damage will not accumulate for a long time, which will affect the quality of the whole decoration. In addition, the solid WPC Wall Cladding is also suitable for use in garden decoration. Because in the garden, we need to cultivate plants for a long time, water, and fertilize the plants, so the solid WPC wallboard can have the effect of drainage.   

Hollow waterproof WPC Wall Cladding is suitable for balcony construction

Both urban and rural people value the quality of life and like to set up sunshine shelters or build outdoor gardens in sunny places. At this time we can use the hollow waterproof WPC Wall Cladding for construction. Hollow WPC waterproof wall panel sound insulation effect, more suitable for urban decoration concept. Additionally, the hollow waterproof WPC wallboard feels more outstanding, it looks like a real wood floor basically no difference, also can reflect taller decorate a level. Therefore, we can choose the solid or hollow according to our own requirements when purchasing the waterproof WPC wallboard. The use effect of the two is totally different.

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