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How to choose Composite Deck Railings

September 23, 2021

You choose composite decking to build your outdoor deck when the composite deck is undergoing finishing work. That means it's time to decide on the best DIY deck railing ideas option for you. Since deck railings are the framework that unifies your outdoor living space, they also play an important role in keeping your family safe. So you can take some time to determine which railing is best for you.

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Components of Composite Railing

What many people may not realize is that railing systems are actually made up of many components. Whether you choose composite railing or metal railing, you will first need to understand each component that makes up the railing system.

  • The top rail is the uppermost piece of rail that attaches to the top of the infill.

  • The bottom rail is the section that extends along the bottom below the infill.

  • The infill is what is installed between the top and bottom rails, filling the inside of the rail. It can be made of glass, composite or metal rails.

  • Skirt is the covering that goes around the bottom of the column.

  • The post is the vertical piece that sits between the infill and connects the top and bottom rails.

  • The cap is the component that sits at the top of the post. Sometimes it can serve the purpose of lighting.

Benefits of composite railing

  • Laminated core with 4-sided cap covering the back and recesses without organic wood filler, keeping it safe from moisture damage.

  • Value increases over time, as composite railing requires no maintenance or replacement of traditional wood.

Issues to consider when choosing a composite railing

Just like the interior of your home, your outdoor living space reflects your personal tastes. Therefore, some important issues to consider when choosing a deck railing are.

  • What is the architectural style and color of your existing home? Which flooring and railing combination will best complement them?

  • Do you want something minimal to keep your views unobstructed or make a bold style statement?

  • Which railing profile do you prefer: classic woodwork, modern and polished, or clean and minimalist?

Browse the composite deck railing photo gallery

Once you've built your deck frame and picked out a beautiful deck for your outdoor space, the next step is to find the perfect deck railing to complete your home's outdoor living room. You can view different deck railing image galleries to see the styles and railing designs you like and want for your home's outdoor space.

From Pinterest boards and Instagram posts to a large gallery of deck railing images on professional websites; take the time to sift through the photos and see which deck railing styles really catch your eye.

Save or bookmark these deck design examples, and then you can buy composite railing in those styles. You can also ask the manufacturer to design a new style just for you if there is no particular color or style that suits you.

View Composite Railing Designs

One of the most important features of any deck railing system is the overall design of the top rail. Composite deck railings are carefully crafted with a variety of shapes, feels and aesthetics to achieve the ambiance of any outdoor space.

Do you want to add a nail along the top rail to create a flat, horizontal beverage railing? We recommend that you choose a deck railing line with a non-curved top rail for easier installation of beverage rails. Does your home have a classic architectural style and outdoor space aesthetic? We recommend choosing a softer, rounded top railing with beveled edges and lines to keep your deck consistent throughout.

After settling on a top railing, the most dramatic part of your deck railing is the railing filler. There are plenty of options available to suit your composite railing system, including aluminum deck rails, composite deck rails, glass rails, cable rails and more. You can choose the perfect railing infill to complete the space. Mixing and matching railing infill types, such as combining composite railing and glass railing in different railing sections, is a great option for creating unique deck railing designs.

If you want to keep your backyard view open and clear, we recommend choosing a more transparent infill option, such as tempered glass balusters. If you want a stronger, sturdier deck railing for your home, composite deck railings would be a great choice for your outdoor space. These thick, sturdy composite deck railings can help accentuate the architectural style of your home and provide a unique look.

Find the perfect color combination for your outdoor space

One of the most popular features of composite railing is the vast array of quality finishes available to our customers, as well as the custom options to combine two or more shades to create never-before-seen deck railing designs!

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