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Anti-termite villa wood plastic exterior wall panel

May 19, 2021

Although modern outdoor wall panel decoration technology becomes more and more high-end, in many cases we still can not escape the harm of nature. Termites are the natural enemy of the construction industry. When termites swallow buildings, it is difficult for users to find problems, which poses a great danger to their lives. Termite-proof wood plastic composite exterior wall panels can help you solve this problem.

Alternative products for solid wood wall panels

For a long period of time in the past, users usually used wooden wall panels and support columns to decorate their houses. High-quality solid wood wall panels look good and beautiful, but solid wood decorative materials are easily swallowed by termites, so designers will recommend using WPC wall panels outdoor instead of solid wood wall panels. This composite board not only has the appearance of solid wood but also has excellent anti-termite performance.

How does wood-plastic exterior wall panel resist termites?

So, how can WPC exterior wall panels prevent termites? The main reason is that the material of the panel is made of wood fiber, recyclable plastic, and other additives. Termites cannot survive and multiply inside them. Therefore, the WPC wall panel has good anti-termite performance.

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