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Composite Siding Project Case in Singapore

January 06, 2021

WPC is short for Wood Plastic Composite, which is made of a mixture of wood fiber powder, recyclable plastic material, and some chemical additives. Nowadays, WPC material has been applied in many fields, and composite wall siding is applied for the residential and commercial building renovation. Combining various advantages of building material, composite wall siding is endowed with the natural texture and luster, renovating the house with a well-designed look and high valued aesthetics.

At the same time, composite siding material is much more durable than the pure wood siding, the natural appurtenance of it makes the house to be specially designed with natural beauty. Composite siding can be installed easily in a short time, you don’t need to spend so much time on the house interior renovation and modeling. You can live in the house after finishing the installation process because the composite siding is made of healthy and safe material without releasing any toxic substances like formaldehyde. Don’t worry about your health issues living the house renovated with the natural building material.  

COOWIN composite siding is growing to be a well-known and world-famous composite building material manufacturer in China. Composite wall siding, composite wall cladding, and composite wall panels are the main products.

Composite wall siding can be used to renovate and decorate your house with a unique style. With the high valued aesthetics, composite wall siding can help you create the house with your wanted style. Composite wall siding has the beautifully designed appearance, perfectly-matched format for making the house to be distinctive.

Here are some advantages of the composite siding in a conclusion:

  • ★ Composite siding can look like the real wood with the naturally beautiful wood grain texture.
  • ★ Composite wall siding doesn’t need any maintenance
  • ★ Composite wall siding can help you insulate the room space, reducing energy and saving money for you.
  • ★ Composite wall siding has a wide range of colors, finishes, textures, and styles.
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