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Graceful Composite Decking Built for Private House

February 23, 2021

The composite decking installed in this project case is TW-K03, with width 140mm, thickness 21mm, which was built in the Philippines.

A house yard is really a good place for family members to get together for enjoying a good time with each other, it is interesting to do various things, such as reading some books on the sofa, playing games with kids, planting some beautiful flowers, listening to some relaxing music.

The most important aspect of the family yard building is safety, COOWIN composite decking is made of natural materials without any harmful chemical additives, creating a graceful corner place where the family can enjoy a lot of fun without any worries about health. Composite decking is a good replacement for the traditional wood decking, with low maintenance. Quick installation and easy cleaning can make it possible to be the best choice for building the yard floor.

Composite decking has a natural look of the real wood, but also long-life span with anti-corrosion, anti-bugs features, which can be widely welcomed by the market overseas. If you want to know more detailed information, please contact us anytime.

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