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Basic theory and research methods of wood plastic composite materials

February 22, 2021

Wood plastic composite materials are a new type of composite material composed of wood fiber materials and polymer materials. The formation of a good interface between wood fiber materials and polymer materials is the key to obtaining good wood-plastic composite materials. Wood plastic composites are often used to make decking floorboards.

Interface theory of wood-plastic composites

The interface formation and action mechanism of wood plastic composite materials are very complicated. The relevant physical and chemical factors will affect the formation, structure, and stability of the interface, and then affect the mechanical properties of the composite material. The manufacture of wood plastic composite synthetic boards with wood fiber materials and plastics is a research hotspot in the recent period.

Research methods of wood plastic composite boards

Extrusion, mixing, hot pressing, and other processes are used to manufacture wood plastic composite laminate flooring and to test various properties of the laminate floor. However, due to the short history of systematic research on wood plastic composite flooring and the complexity of wood fiber materials, there is no uniform standard for the performance of wood-plastic composite flooring.

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