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What is composite decking made of?

February 23, 2021

Wood-plastic wood (WPC) is the composite material made of wood powder and high-density polyethylene which can be made into different types of products used in many fields. Composite decking is used widely to replace the wooden floor in the building industry. It is quickly becoming the sunrise industry in the 21st century. With a much longer life span and much lower maintenance, composite decking becomes more and more popular on the market.

What is composite decking made of?

Composite decking is a man-made product made of a mixture of wood powder and recycled plastic. The plastic elements can be derived from plastic bottles, milk jugs, milk cans and etc., which is a good method decreasing the resource waste. Composite decking can play an increasingly important role in environment protection. What’s more, composite decking is higher strength and long-lasting feature, which is good for us to replace the wooden floor, the wood composite material can be heated, processed, shaped and colored to create the products we need, but with the appearance of real wood. Typically, composite decking tends to be a popular choice for consumers who want to own the decking board with natural style

COOWIN Group has developed for almost 20 years in the composite decking industry, making the composite decking be the preferred choice for building material and looking forward to creating the composite decking products with higher quality and lower prices. COOWIN composite decking looks naturally beautiful as the real wood, we are trying our best to invent more products lighting up your life for environmental protection and spirit comfort. Strong and durable, COOWIN composite decking becomes vibrant in creating a better-using experience for our clients.

With its unique wood plastic composite material, COOWIN composite decking products don’t require much maintenance, or other protection work such as staining, treating or painting. COOWIN composite decking only needs a basic cleaning, you can clean the decking board with water occasionally, keeping it like-new for many decades. Anti-UV, anti-acid and acid oil features can ensure the composite decking be used for longer.

Wood composite decking is an environment-friendly and economy -friendly product used as a functional building material on many occasions. COOWIN composite decking is 100% certificated providing the composite decking with good quality.

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