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Best Composite Decking Material 2020 | COOWIN

February 22, 2021

best composite decking materials

Here you can find various composite decking brands which hard to distinguish, and today I can make a listing of the top 10 brands of selling composite decking here, you can choose the best one for yourself. Here we go!

The composite decking material is becoming more and more popular over the last two decades, which can be applied in various fields, including official buildings, historical places, scenic spots, and residential houses. So this is why composite decking can be taken into consideration by many building material retailers. It means that you can buy the composite decking for your private home yard decoration on the shopping shelf easily.

Here is the table of top 10 composite decking brands 2020


As the leading composite decking in the US, the Trex® composite decking brand is really popular in various countries. You will find your ideal composite decking with your wanted look, feel, and even local contractors. Trex® composite decking has an excellent composite decking surface which can create an impressive outdoor living life for you. 


Timbertech® also has many contractors, you can find a good one on their website. Timbertech composite decking has various colors and patterns. Timbertech® composite decks are made of the solid PVC compound which resists to stains, scratches, mold. Their deck material has an extremely realistic wood appearance and texture. You will have many good ideas for decking designs for buildings near you. 


Cali-bamboo® has various flooring series, including hardwood flooring, bamboo flooring, vinyl flooring, and composite decking, you can find a better flooring product for your home decoration. Cali-Bamboo® products like to use the material named BamDeck Composite, which is made of bamboo fibers. I think it is the reason why the Cali-bamboo® name. 


Composite decking products made by Dura-Life® is also excellent, being from the world-famous brand. It has various decking types with different colors. You go to the official website to explore more about the details of the composite decks. Dura-Life® both has decking and railing production lines at the same time, you can find your good composite planks there. 


Let’s go to the Fibreon® composite decking brand, which is also an excellent decking brand. Fiberon can make the decking with different surfaces, also the railing at the same time as Dura-Life®. They also have fencing products, with high qualified production. Offering various colors and shades of the decking planks, Fiberon could a nice memo list for you while selecting plastic composite decking boards. 


Envision® composite lumber is also a famous decking brand, manufacturing high qualified composite decking, using lots of heat and pressure to squeeze out good decking boards. Composite lumber is made of the recycled plastic material, without any natural wood fibers. A 20-year warranty is supported. 


COOWIN® is the leading composite decking manufacturer in China with over 21 years’ production experience, exporting composite decking, composite cladding, composite railing, and fencing overseas. You can visit the grand manufacturer located in China to know more about the composite decking production process. COOWIN® has various colors and patterns, with various styles of decking surfaces. OEM and ODM are supported at the same time, you can order the samples any time you need. You can enjoy a gorgeous deck at COOWIN®.

COOWIN® has various composite decking series, COOWIN® decks are professional for you to to build a deck, I believe that you can find your ideal composite decking boards there. 


The most natural capped composite decking. Naturale coextruded wood composite decking boards timber, one of the best decks with warranty.


MoistureShield® offers the only wood composite decking that can be installed in the ground, on the ground or underwater. You can discover the solid core has helped prevent structural field failures for more than 30 years and why that matters for your outdoor living space.


Armadillo® composite decking is also a nice option to choose the decking material for you to decorate your home yard. Products available include decking boards in different colors with a basic wood texture surface, plus a small selection of railing components and fascia boards. 

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