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Is Composite Decking Slippery When Wet? | COOWIN

January 07, 2021

Here are various types of building materials on the market, that’s for the example. Various types of the floor are provided, the cement floor is extremely slippery, so it’s not safe while walking on it.

With the development of the construction material, composite decking comes to people’s minds nowadays. Today we are going to see the question below if composite decking is slippery or not.

Composite decking is the building material made of the combination of wood fiber powder, recycling plastic material, and some chemical additives, which can be designed with different types of surfaces. Composite decking is becoming a popular alternative to the cement floor Is the composite decking surface slippery like the cement floor? Or the other types of construction flooring? Is it better than wood decking, brick flooring or ceramic flooring?

Composite decking doesn’t need sanding, without any splinters, which can be designed with various colors and patterns. Various surfaces are provided, including grooved surface, capped surface. Composite decking is not likely to be slippery like the wood decking, even though it has a smooth surface. Most of the composite decking is treated with special texture and finishes with the slippery resistance. You can walk on the composite decking surface without wearing socks or shoes.

Less maintenance can prevent slippery surface, you are safe walking on it barefoot. Easy cleaning with soap water or just water is enough. And composite decking doesn’t need to be waxed, painted, or sanded, which is also a great method to low the risk of being slippery. Non-slippery timber composite decking can stay safe all year round. This is the reason why composite decking can be widely applied in various occasions, including official buildings, private houses and etc.

If you have to own a clean deck for enjoying the good time with family members and friends, composite decking is really a good option, you can select it without any hesitant. Composite decking can be used to build various types of constructions, such as a private swimming pool, the escalator in the scenic spots, walking pedestrians in the gardens or parks.

Composite decking is slip-resistant, this durable and long-lasting building material can make it easy for you to build a beautiful deck at home or abroad. Safe composite decking with a good surface is a gift for you, providing you so much protection, which can be highly recommended.

Something more, composite decking is designed with various patterns, which also makes an influence on architectural aesthetics. Composite decking colors can match the surrounding environment, creating a harmoniously beautiful place. It is really suitable to create a building with the traditionally slinky style.

No decking product can truly be called non-slip, bad accidents happen and wintry weather always brings with it an increased risk of slipping. But if you choose the right decking for your garden it can help to minimize that risk.

COOWIN composite decking is slip-resistant decking, meaning that it won’t get as treacherous as traditional wood decking does in poor conditions. The reason why wood decking gets so slippery is often due to the growth of mold and algae on the boards, when it rains and when you power wash your deck, the wood takes on a lot of moisture, and this provides an ideal breeding ground for any nasty green algae to grow. Further problems occur if water and dirt collect in the grooves of your wooden boards when the temperature gets low enough this water will freeze, turning your garden deck into a lethal outdoor skating rink.

COOWIN decking takes in very little moisture during power washes and spells of poor weather, instead of being absorbed into the board water stays on the surface and evaporates right away.

COOWIN deck is typically dried within 30 minutes of a shower, this makes our boards ideal for use in or garden settings including around swimming pools and hot tubs, but more importantly, it means that your timber tech deck should remain slip-resistant no matter what the weather’s doing, our products have achieved a high slip resistance rating in both Britain and Europe, making them far safer than standard wood decking boards.

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