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Wood plastic composite Technology Status & Growing Trend

December 31, 2020

Although the wood-plastic composite technology was proposed earlier, it has only been more than ten years since it was really studied and applied. Relatively speaking, some European and American countries are relatively more applied, and there are dozens of enterprises and research institutions engaged in production and research and development. Famous companies include DURYINC, ONYX, TimTech INC, DAVID STANDARD Manufacturing, etc.          

At present, WPC composites have been used on a large scale in North America, and its application field has also developed from simple low value-added products to relatively complex high value-added products such as houses, buildings, pipes, and so on. Due to the development of the market, wood-plastic composite technology has become more and more mature, especially in mixing, molding, temperature control, speed, cutting, formula, and other aspects of a large number of innovation and improvement. Make it more suitable for the status of raw material sources, and effectively improve the strength. Reduced costs. A Canadian-American joint venture company in Toronto, for example, had 43 wood-plastic production lines by the end of 1999 and plans to invest another 66 production lines for new products with high added value, with a total investment of about $35.64 million. Its annual output is close to $500 million.

Experts say. With the continuous development of wood-plastic material technology. Its development trend may breakthrough in the following aspects :(1) the selection of raw materials to a wide range of development. After cleaning the reclaimed single-component waste all plastics (PE, PP, PVC, ABS, etc.).Wood-plastic products can be processed by adding specific modifiers :(2) development of special equipment. The processing method develops from single screw extrusion to other traditional plastics processing directions. From water-cooled molding to air-cooled molding, from single extruded profile to composite co-extrusion, parcel co-extrusion direction;(3) Innovate the processing technology. Foaming technology was introduced. From high foaming to low foaming, micro foaming direction;(4) Products from the low added value (such as wood-plastic pallet, storage floor) to the high-grade direction (such as interior decoration materials) development, further improve efficiency.

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