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Wood Plastic Waterproof Hollow Flooring Decking

February 25, 2021

Cooperate with local famous villa developers to create the most livable and most environment-friendly villa group project. Making use of the TS-04 model (200 mm x 25mm) WPC wood plastic waterproof hollowed out|empty flooring decking, the order sum to 8100 rectangular meters.

WPC wood plastic material hollow flooring decking applies a unique surface diversion strategy to prevent extreme water accumulation on the surface. The hollow design further boosts the airflow and drainage capacity increases the flow of air and enhances the evaporation capacity. Compared with wooden plastic waterproof decking and real wood flooring, the hydrophilic is obvious. Therefore soaking in the brief time rarely happens permeability, so completely don’t have to worry about rainfall and cleaning process will harm it. WPC water-resistant flooring has high denseness, thus has excellent anti-cracking and no-burr impact. Will not rupture, does not produce the rose dietary fiber of the bulge, therefore stopping scratches and punctures the skin.

The performance of the waterproof WPC decking is very steady because the liquid is hard to penetrate into the interior. The interior framework of the waterproof WPC flooring will not change even though it has been in the outdoor environment for a long time. This stability stretches the life of the wood-plastic floor to a great extent.

The latest co-extrusion technology provides the plastic casing for wood plastic water-resistant decking. This layer made from engineering plastic shell, simplicity is very high, can achieve 100% resistance to penetration. Different to wood plastic manufacturers, COOWIN Group has the ability to provide a fully protected plastic crust for WPC wood plastic waterproof hollowed out flooring decking, which will cover not only the surface but also include the edge slot and even the empty primary piping.

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