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How Much is Pressure-Treated Wood Decking Vs Composite Decking?

February 25, 2021

On average, you need to spend $15 to $25 every square foot to install the pressure-treated wood decking board, which is the acceptable price. A cedar wood decking is a little expensive compared to the pressure-treated wood. Overall, you might spend 30$ to 35$ to install a deck using the composite decking.


What is pressure-treated wood?

First things first, we have to know what the pressure-treated wood is. The pressure-treated wood is designed with the ability to prevent rot and insects, and the price of it is also much cheaper than the real redwood or cedarwood. So pressure-treated wood can be widely used in many places. The pressure-treated wood is treated chemically during the production process, helping increase preventing the damage from insects.

Disadvantages of the pressure-treated wood

pressure-treated wood decking disadvantages

1. Splinters

The pressure-treated wood decking is made of real natural wood, so it has a rough surface with sharp splinters which can hurt people’s skin easily. You can’t walk without wearing shoes.

2. Chemical Additives

The chemical used during the treating process is not enough safe and healthy, we need to think about the health problems seriously. Health is an important element we need to put into consideration. As we all know that the chemical is hazardous for our body health.

3. Fade

The pressure-treated wood decking is easy to fade with the time goes by, exposed to the sun with the damage of the ultraviolet ray all year around.

4. High Maintenance

What’s more, you have to spend more time and money to maintain the pressure-treated wood protecting its surface. In this way can add more extra cost to use the deck board. The pressure-treated wood deck will retain stains and blemished from debris or other pollution without enough care.

What is the composite decking?

composite decking board advantages

Composite decking is made of material of wood fiber powder, recycling plastic material which is a kind of safe material. If you want to try zero-maintenance decking, I do believe composite decking is really a good option. Even though it is more expensive the pressure-treated wood, but you will save so much cost during its service life.  

1. No Splinters

The composite decking can be designed with a smooth surface without any splinters or rags. it won’t rot, splinter or twist. Various surface types are provided, you can choose the best type you like. You can walk on the composite decking surface barefoot.

2. Non-Fading

The composite decking is difficult to fade, it can stay new-like look all year round. Composite decking can be designed with the capped surface, helping protect the surface away from the sharp things.

3. Low Maintenance

Composite decking board doesn’t need any complicated maintenance work, easy cleaning with soap water is enough.  You can clean the composite decking several times in a year to keep it remain in a good condition with the beautiful natural surface look.

4. Long Durability

Composite decking doesn’t need sanding, sealing, or staining. It can be used for almost 30 years. 

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