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What is WPC?

January 07, 2021

WPC is an acronym of wood-plastic composite. It's made of composite materials that take wood fibers as the base material, mixes up with thermoplastic polymers such as HDPE, and some other functional additives. It combines the advantages of wood and plastic, which have elegant nature wood grain texture, high strength, and is easy to install and clean.

Comparing to wood decking, what kind of features does Wood-plastic Composite Decking have?

First of all, all the WPC decking is waterproof and antisepsis and you don’t need to paint and do special maintenance. Also, the installation is so easy. This can save you lots of time and cost.

Second, the WPC decking have great resistance to weather, acid, alkali, crack, oil, distortion, and pest. It’s innocuous, 100 recycled environmental friendly and formaldehyde excluded. You can walk barefoot on the decking and have great barbecue time with your friend and family to share each other and don’t worry about the cleaning and weather.

Third, if you use WPC decking , this can tremendously reduce the usage of timber and protect our global environment and forest sources from destroying and resources loss. Since everybody is responsible for protecting our earth.

COOWIN WPC DECKING totally have four types:

round hollow structure, solid structure, rectangle hole structure and capped structure. Each type has their own elegant and detailed shape design, four kinds of surface for your choice, such as 3D Embossing, Sanding, Groove and Brushing and a variety of rich colors, such as Cedar, Red Pine, Red Wood, Light Gray, Blue Gray, Coffee and etc. If you want to design the decking by yourself, it’s also available in COOWIN. We receive your drawing and help you to make your own decking with special meaning. Just tell us what kind of design, surface and color you want, and our R&D technician will be willing to help you achieve your dream and give you a warm, relaxing and the wonderful outdoor environment! There is only one step between you and us, just send us an Email or give us a call.

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