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5 Pros About Capped Composite Decking

February 23, 2021

Currently, composite decking becomes more and more popular, which can be commonly used in various applications. Composite decking can be considered to be a new building material with higher strength and longer shelf life. Composite decking has various types. Today we are going to know something basically important for the capped composite decking.

Capped composite decking is covered by a layer of the protective chemical material, which is basically important to protect its surface texture away from unintended harm. Here are some pros of the capped composite decking.

1. Low Maintenance

Capped composite decking is a popular member in the composite decking family, with high valued aesthetics, capped composite decking has the wood-like look. Because composite decking designers mimic the look of real wood, capped composite decking is designed with the natural color like the wood. What’s more, capped composite decking only needs low maintenance, you don’t need to do extra maintenance work to keep it new as the very beginning, you can save so much money and time in the work of the coating, painting, polishing.  

2. Duality

Capped composite decking is covered by a thick, hard, and solid shell protecting itself from unwanted harm from the outside. Capped composite decking can prevent the scratching, with the reliable protective covering.

3. Colors

Capped composite decking has a more flexible design room, you can choose the colors you want. Capped composite decking can be coated with different colors, such as brown, light grey, light blue, teak, coffee and so on. Multi colors are provided following your ideas. It is possible to mimic the color of the real wood, making it more natural and vivid.

4. Composite Material

Capped composite decking is composed of the mixture of the wood fiber powder, recycled plastic material, and other chemical additives, so it is an environmentally-friendly building material. Capped composite decking has the composite decking core with the well-designed covering. It is believed that capped composite decking is the nice replacement of the traditional wood decking, cement floor, and ceramic tiles.  

5. Co-extrusion Workmanship

Capped composite decking is made with the high ended co-extrusion manufacturing technique during the production process. COOWIN co-extrusion technology becomes more and more mature which is basically crucial in making composite decking series products with high quality. COOWIN capped composite decking is designed with the covering for the resistance to the sun, stain, mold, and bacteria.

Now that you fully understand the benefits of capped composites, capped composite decking will give you a beautiful house.  

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