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10 Tips for Installing Composite Decking

January 07, 2021

This is the second article about the composite decking installation series blog, you can click here to check out the first blog on composite decking installation, you will get some inspiring ideas about how to install composite decking. In this article, we list 10 tips about installing composite decking.Installing composite decking can be taken as the DIY project for decorating your home yard to be beautiful and elegant. You can boom your ideas on the composite decking planning, bringing your home deck much more creation.

You can get the well-designed composite decking building result following your own steps. You can try different ways to finish installing composite decking.

10 tips for installing composite decking

If you decide to install composite decking, OK for now. Here are 10 tips about installing composite decking for you to come true to your composite decking dreams.

Tip 1: composite decking installation tools 

it’s the first important step to prepare the right composite decking installation tool kit, you can click here to know more detailed information about this step. Composite decking installation tools ensure that how you install the composite decking. 

Tip 2: Composite decking fascia board

The composite decking fascia board is made of the composite decking edging board, creating a framing for installing composite decking in a regular shape. Using the fascia board is a good way to hide the ends of the composite decking boards, which used the band or strip of material for planning the composite decking framing.

Tip 3: Remove the composite decking debris 

The composite decking material is the type of building material with easy cleaning, but remember that you don’t forget to clean the dirt and debris left on the surface of the composite decking. You can clean the whole composite decking boards entirely at the very beginning, decreasing the cleaning work in the following days. 

Tip 4: Cut the composite decking into shapes 

You can cut the composite decking with your wanted shapes, using the electric saw. Please be careful while sawing the composite decking. Don’t be shocked by the static electricity during the process of installing composite decking boards. 

Tip 5: Leave some excessive spacing between decking boards 

Don’t forget to leave some excessive spacing room between the composite decking boards. The wood plastic material will expand or contract a little with the changes of the climate all year around. Heat makes decking edging expand and cold makes it contract. It’s important to leave 1/8 spacing to follow the normal changes. COOWIN composite decking is designed with the ability to be heat-bended into unique patterns.

Tip 6: Choose the right color 

Composite decking can be used in various places, including official buildings, and private houses. You can choose the right composite decking colors to match the surrounding environment. You can click here to get more ideas. 

Tip 7: Build the composite decking foundation

Before building composite decking in your home yard, it is important to create the composite decking foundation with the shaped structure. You can learn how to layout the composite decking boards one by one following the guideline of the basic foundation. Build the right foundation on the level ground, you will have the idea how to set the composite decking joists to keep the composite decking covered by a rectangular framing or other shaped framing.   

Tip 8: Consider expansion and contraction

Composite decking is different from the traditional wood material, whose sizes can fluctuate a little with the moisture changes. Composite decking needs to be framed by the composite decking rim edgings. Normally, composite decking material will expand and contract with the temperature fluctuation, resulting in slight gaps. So you can leave the slight gap while installing composite decking for its slight deformation. Please fasten your composite decking boards as soon as possible after cutting to decrease the shape deformation. 

Tip 9: Prepare extra composite decking 

You’d better prepare extra more composite decking boards before installing, preventing the composite decking shortage. You can take the measure to ensure how many composite decking boards approximately you need, and prepare some extra materials for standby uses. More is much better than less. 

Tip 10: Contact the service to get help

If you have some problems during installing composite decking, please don’t be hesitate to contact the seller to get a nice solution. Or you can search for some composite decking installation videos to get help. 

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