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How to Install Composite Decking | COOWIN

February 24, 2021

Building a composite decking is a big task for you to create a beautiful home yard, today we are going to know how to install composite decking step by step following the composite decking installation instruction.

As we all know that composite decking is an increasingly popular building material which is widely used in various construction occasions, including private home yards, official buildings, scenic spots and etc.

Composite decking has a long life span of up to 25 years, with the big ability to meet the different climate changes. It can stay strong and stable from summer to winter. You don’t need to worry about the complicated maintenance work, you will like if you own it.

Here we go to the installation guide of the composite decking for yourself!

composite decking installation accessories

We have to do a lot of work before the composite decking installation project, preparing composite decking installation accessories ahead of time. Here are the tools needed in the image above, including composite joist, start clip, stainless steel clip, plastic clip (ABS plastic material), expansion screw, and stainless steel screw. All of these tools can be provided composite decking seller, composite decking builder, or the other related composite decking provider.  

What’s more, some composite decking materials are designed to be installed with the hidden fasteners, you can contact COOWIN to get more detailed information about the composite decking installation accessories.  

OK, let’s make good planning about installing composite decking now.

Step 1: Set the Installation Framing

composite decking installation framing

At the beginning of the composite decking installation, we need to know the installation foundation filed structure, deciding how you will layout the composite decking. You need to measure your field to get the quantity of the composite decking needed and arrange the frame border.

Measure the length and width of the installation field, and make a script to guide you on how to layout the composite decking one by one. It is an alternative to build a framing with the beams, this step is decided by yourself. You can layout the composite decking directly too.

Step 2: Layout Composite Decking Board

layout composite decking board

You can cut the composite decking into the pieces with your wanted sizes based on the installation framing. Install the first composite decking in the right place, and stick the composite decking into the installation framing border with the electric drill, tapping the stainless steel screws. Then layout next composite decking after the first one, and install the next composite decking following this way.

Fix the composite decking to the framing with the clips and stainless steel screws, and leave some spacing between two composite decking boards to follow the proper position movement due to heat makes something expand and cold makes it contract.

Step 3: Leave the Same Spacing Distance

composite decking spacing distance

The joist is really composite decking, please make the framing stable and flat at the very beginning. And please make sure the spacing distances of clips and composite decking boards are all the same. Make the gap between composite decking is equal. Screw the hidden fastener clips into the composite decking one by one. Please remember that don’t make the space too narrow or too loose, leave the proper spacing is also important.

Step 4: Install the Composite Decking Edgings

composite decking edging

Let’s go to the last step after finishing the composite decking, please cover the sided edges of the deck flooring to make it stable and firm. Composite decking edge angle bead beams are protective to keep composite decking safe without deformation.

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