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Flame retardant hotel outdoor wall panel

March 27, 2021

In the process of the rapid development of decoration industry, decorative materials performance levels have increased significantly, and in all aspects of the decoration project and therefore has the mature conditions, especially in the hotel industry decoration engineering, because belong to public property, so the fire safety requirement is very strict, this also is in the invisible reflects wall decoration materials selection of conscientiousness, especially the flame retardant performance affect adornment effect also is objective existence.


Good fire retardant effect

As is known to all, the hotel's metope decorate must have good fire effect, if the choice of wallboard material belongs to flammable nature, so there is no guarantee that not only the basic fire prevention effect, even will cause varying degrees of potential safety problems, and in the flame retardancy of outdoor wallboard material, can be under the same conditions effectively block the fire from spreading, believe that for most of the hotel decoration project is a good fire performance.

Improvement of decoration conditions

Although nowadays there are many different kinds of decorative materials, from the aspects of flame retardant fire requirements, you need to combine a distinction between flame retardant properties of concrete, and decorate in the hotel industry in the standard, material flame retardant performance is to be reckoned with, if can use flame retardant effect of decoration materials, engineering condition improvement is more apparent, believe that for most of the hotel renovation is crucial, it is reasonable to avoid fire safety is the key to many safe hidden trouble.

Improve application efficiency

Thus, outdoor wood plastic composite wallboard has got obvious to broaden the application scope of, both in flame retardant performance and corrosion resistance are improved comprehensively, so also can ensure the outdoor wallboard material application efficiency increased significantly.

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