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Composite decking and wood floor reviews:pros and cons

July 05, 2021

Any family needs to know about the relevant decoration materials when they are doing house decoration. Different decoration materials are different in appearance, durability, and cost. Only by understanding the advantages and disadvantages of these different decorative materials, you can choose the scheme that suits you. This article gives a brief introduction to five commonly used decorative materials.

Composite decking and wood floor|pros and cons|composite decking boards material

01.Natural wood board

Wood is a traditional material used for decks, and many softer kinds of wood (such as pine, fir, and spruce) are easy to rot. Over time, even cedar and mahogany can rot unless properly maintained.

Hardwood floors have a natural sense of warmth and touch, and certain types of wood (mainly softwood) can be used as inexpensive decorative materials. However, certain types (including IPE) can be expensive, and the wood must be maintained and properly cared for to prevent cracking, cracking, and discoloration.


Real and natural surface texture

Common types of wood floors are cheap


The price of precious wood is very expensive

Need regular maintenance

02.Wood composite decking materials

Wood-plastic composite material, also known as a composite material, wood substitute, or synthetic decorative board, is an environmentally friendly wood substitute and has quickly become the fastest-growing decorative board material in residential use in the past ten years.

Wood-plastic composite decking boards are made of materials such as recycled plastics and wood fibers. The promotion of wood-plastic composite decking is conducive to protecting the natural environment and reducing excessive logging of forest resources.


Weather resistance


Will not chip or rot

Low maintenance

multiple colors


The surface looks plastic

the cost of composite decking will be higher

composite decking decorative|recycled composite decking

03.Pressure treated wood

Less durable woods, such as southern pine and western fir, need to be treated with preservatives to make them more resistant to the environment and insects.

However, wood materials treated with preservatives will contain formaldehyde and other chemicals that are harmful to the human body and need to be placed for a long time to reduce the content of harmful chemicals and avoid harm to the human body.


cheaper than composite decking prices

Durable and resistant to environment, decay, and insects


Unnatural colors

Easy to warp or bend

Contains chemical preservatives

04.Plastic floor

High-density plastic wood (PL) is made from recycled polyethylene (HDPE) plastic. This means that your old milk, water, and juice containers and detergent, and shampoo bottles can be recycled into the plastic wood used to build the deck.


Weather resistance

No need to dye

Easy to clean


Need more substructures than wood floors

The color and texture are plastic

05.Aluminum floor

Aluminum is a nearly perfect decorative material for many good reasons: it is weather-resistant and will not rot or rot. It can be perfectly placed for termite erosion and will not burn. But aluminum floors are too expensive.



Non-slip and wear-resistant

Fire prevention


Pest control



Lacking the traditional look of wood

Becomes very hot in the sun

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