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How to Composite Decking CO-04 Step by Step

February 22, 2021

Composite decking materials add sophistication and durability to the place you want to create a perfectly amazing place for your family. Here is the article telling you how to install the composite decking step by step, and the model number of the composite decking shown in the case is COOWIN CO-04 with thickness 22mm and width 157mm (the length and width can be adjusted by yourself according to your needs).

Firstly, you need to prepare the installation tools needed ahead of time.

You need to ensure the building structure for framing the composite decking, measuring the length and width of the target place with measure tap, then get to know the layout of the composite decking. Determine the spacing of the joists, ensuring how you want to put your composite decking.

Place the joists to create the base for installing the composite decking above on it, noted that the ground should be stable and flat.

Reserve a 10mm expansion joint between the joist and the wall, adapting to changes caused by climate and temperature as time goes by. You know that heat makes composite decking expand and cold makes it contract, so the spacing left at the edge of composite decking is important.

Fix the joist together with the expansion screws, firmly and stably. The spacing between the expansion screw can be up to 500mm. then push the expansion screws into the joists concretely with the electric drill.

  • Place the starting clips on the end of each joist, and fix the starting clips with the stainless-steel expansion screws.
  • Star to install the composite decking on the surface of the joist board, it is important to install the first composite decking correctly.
  • Slide the clips into the gap between two composite decking boards, and slide the plastic
  • clips over the joists and fix them together by the screws. Repeat the actions until the whole area is covered by the composite decking.
  • Use the screws to fix the composite decking and joists together at an oblique angle, finally install the L-shape edges and fix composite decking in a shaped place.
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