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COOWIN Composite Decking Patented with Product Innovation

February 23, 2021

For product business development, quality is the most important. Good quality is the gold medal to win the trust of customers.

The patent quality assurance is committed to ensuring the highest quality in composite decking patent examination. COOWIN composite decking series product passed many examinations because of good quality.

Here are two patented certificated, Certificate of Design Patent and Certificate of Utility Model Patent. Pursuing product high quality can keep COOWIN keeps the mission pushing forward all the time.

COOWIN aims to improve the composite decking to be better and better, we have our own manufacturer to continue to push the limits of composite decking technology.

Composite decking patterns, styles, colors will be improved with the development of the market, we do our best to win high praise of clients relying on the high quality.   

COOWIN creates patented composite decking with hardship and innovation,

We are spending more and more on product research and development, aiming to provide world-class high-quality composite decking for highlighting consumers’ life to be decorative and colorful.

We have an excellent research & development system, equipped with advanced technology, which can enable us to offer composite decking with high quality to our customers. We are striving to develop new-generation every three months.

Here are the advantages of COOWIN patented composite decking in the following:

Well-designed composite decking patterns with high valued aesthetics.

Strong practicability applied on various occasions, such as house balcony, garden walking road, scenic spots, and so on.

Regularly published new products every three months to satisfy different requirements of consumers at a different time.

Composite decking technology innovation without limits.

Excellent Research & Development system

COOWIN series composite decking will brighten your life with high quality and good service, if you have any questions, please feel free to contact us anytime.

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